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There's a thunderstorm coming in. Oh I've missed storms so much. I'm excited. Popsie's all riled up too.
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We are members of a fairly exclusive club, then... I love nothing better than a really good thunderstorm! Most people think we're wacky, y'know...
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Can I join the club too please? I love thunderstorms!
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Sign me up to!!!! I love thunder storms and lightning to!!!! I like to think of it as a laser light show all for me
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me too I absolutely love a good thunder storm!!!
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We just had a massive storm through here. I was at Home Depot, and the sirens went off and they herded us to the back of the store twice. I love a good thunderstorm, too.

If you can find it, get the album "One Stormy Night."

It's got it all. Soft music, thunder crashes, pouring rain, and a steam train!
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Count me in, too! There is nothing better than sitting on your front porch watching a strong thunderstorm roll in!!
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I absolutely love thunderstorms!!
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It stormed here, we were in a tornado watch for a while, it hailed, moved on East of us and a tornado hit some northern parts of Oklahoma City.

Can't say I liked the storm too much, it set off a bad back ache and had my shoulder bothering me.
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I don't mind them as long as I am safely inside
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You can count me in on the Thunderstorm Fan Club, I really missed having them when I lived in Europe, don't see to many up in Scandinavia, althought quite a few people in and around Indiana are probably in disagreement with me with the flooding we have seen this year.
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i'll sign up too! sadly here on the south coast we don't get too many storms but when we do i love it!
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Originally Posted by taterbug View Post
Count me in, too! There is nothing better than sitting on your front porch watching a strong thunderstorm roll in!!

We don't get much of those here but when we do, I love them. One of my first memories is of my dad holding me in his arms on the front porch watching a storm.

Once, when I was about 15, my parents and I were on a Grayhound bus going up Hwy 101. We were the only people on the bus and we were driving though a lightening and thunder storm. The driver was very friendly and was surprised I was not afraid of the storm. Everytime the lightening would strike I would say "this is beautiful!" He thought I would be afraid, but my dad taught me a healthy respect and that there was no reason to be afraid if you know the rules.
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I wanna join!! Just keep the tornadoes away!
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