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Too Many Cats ?

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I have 4 wonderful cats the all get along well. I have been considering adopting a 5th cat, but I am worried that this will be the one pushes things over the edge. My current kitties all get along and we don't have any of the common problems. (litter box use, territory fights etc.)

What are your thoughts ?
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You can NEVER have too many cats! I live with 10 cats and they all get along just fine! Go for it!
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I currently have 5 and the problems that we have with the cats (Sugie's behavioural problem) has nothing to do with the newest addition (it started a year after we got Gweeky). I vote for #5!
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I just added cat #11. Granted, he is confined to one room as he has the sniffles, but the other cats don't seem to be put off.

If you do adopt another cat, I strongly recommend that you get the Feliway plug in, it is great!
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I have 5 ! and hoping to get 1 more!! Go for it!
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i have two in and four stray guys outside. I want two more inside. Go for more!! the more the merrier.
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What is a Feliway plug?

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Comfort Zone Plug-in with Feliway contains a formula that mimics the feline facial pheromone. Used where the cat spends most of his time, it will soon calm and reassure him, greatly reducing or completely stopping the stress-related behavior.

Ingredients:Analogue of Feline Facial Pheromone 2% * Excipients to 100 g.

Comfort Zone reduces or completely stops stress-related behavior including: • Urine marking • Vertical scratching • Loss of appetite • Reduced desire to play • Reduced desire to interact

Comfort Zone helps comfort cats in stressful situations such as: • Moving to a new home • Visitors to the home • New pet or family member • Visits to the veterinarian • Adjusting to a new environment • Multiple cat households

Uses: 1 Remove the bottle cap. 2 Screw plug-in onto the bottle and gently tighten. 3. Plug into an electric socket. Continue use for 4 weeks to ensure no relapse in marking behavior.

For urine marking or scratching: Use the Comfort Zone Plug-in with Feliway in the room where marking has taken place. If the cat marks several rooms (with a total surface area of more than 650 sq. ft.), place another plug-in in one of the other rooms that have been marked. For loss of appetite or reduced desire to interact and play: Plug in the Comfort Zone Plug-in with Feliway in the room most used by the cat.

Active area: 500 to 650 sq. ft. One vial lasts approximately four weeks. Odorless and non-toxic, does not affect humans. Use as directed. Not a drug or tranquilizer.

Complete Kit: one plug-in + one 48 ml bottle. Refill: one 48 ml bottle only. The plug-in is specially designed for this product. The properties of the product cannot be guaranteed if a different device is used.
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Thanx! This sound like a good thing to have. I´ve had situation where this would have come in handy, so I´ll keep that in mind next time. This is deffinately not available in Iceland, but there must be some places I could order this from.
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I know that Petco and Petsmart both have it for sale online as well as in stores.
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Don't ask me! Currently I have 25....!

I also have the feliway plug going and it works for me.
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What's that famous saying around here? One cat leads to another!! Go for it!!

Easy for me to say, I only have one!

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You only have one because when Bast made Nakita, she broke the mold
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I also only have one, so I'm a bad person to ask.
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Wow Hissy 25! Goodness me how do they all get a snuggle. Mine were very proprietorial with the available laps around. Meal time must be hectic at your place, and very noisy too?

Well Done.
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whatever you are comfortable with is the right number.

how do you feel about it? i say go with your gut
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I believe this may depend on the sex of the cats and how well they get along. I have seven and now have to seperate them with baby gates 3 high. When I had four they all got along great. Now that I have seven, they fight like cats and dogs. It is territorial. Mainly all of the females fight. The males all get along wonderfully.
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Why not!! the more the merrier!! I have only two cats.. I ll wait till the second baby arrvies. If everything is great. then we will adopt one more kitten. I hope the older 2 years old (will be 3 in summer) will accept the little kitten in our family next year. I am so jealous of you who have more than 4 kittens!!!

thanks to Lhezzza, i have read in magazine and wonder if its workig but you said it works.. I ll consider to buy one if i plan to have another kitten.
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I am back down to 18 now, I found a good place for the latest family to go and be cared for. The kittens are already claimed- and once they are weaned, the mom/spayed will come back here to us and live. I rescue-privately, just in case you might think I am nuts! LOL
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wow that's a lot of cats, but good for you for rescuing! This world has too many careless breeders and not enough rescuers.
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Cats are like chips you cant just have one! Go for it. Of course so long as it will not be a finacial issue, ans so long as you can provide for them I think you should get another.
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You can never have tooo many cats!! I have 3 inside and 2 outside and one of my inside cats just had 5 kittens a week ago. Cats are my babies and I can't imagine life without a houseful of cats!!!
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Originally posted by hissy

I am back down to 18 now, I found a good place for the latest family to go and be cared for. The kittens are already claimed- and once they are weaned, the mom/spayed will come back here to us and live. I rescue-privately, just in case you might think I am nuts! LOL
Of course not, Hissy - nobody here thinks you're nuts.
(Everybodynjust nod and smile. We have to humor her)
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Hello Hissy, Sorry it took so long for the reply. I just wanted to tell you that it warms my heart to hear that the cats of the world have someone like you to help them and love them. You do more than your part. I've done all I can. Im at seven. Pleasure talking to you.
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Hi and welcome!

i can, as always, speak for myself.

i always believe in quality, not quantity.

It entails a lot of responsibilities to be a cat owner, as you already know, as you have four kitties.

i feel it is easy to be a cat owner. However, it is NOT easy to be a GOOD and responsible cat owner.

Personally, i believe the amount of cats one can have is the amount of responsibilities one can handle.

You can have 1 2, 5, 10, 30 cats if you can give EACH cat the love, attention and care EACH of your kitty needs and deserves.

Take care!

Hugs and kisses for your kitties!

Smiles and cheers!
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I currently have 5 cats and planning our 6th one as I type She will be born hopefully this Tuesday!! We had a problem with the new addtion we added in Feb, we had lost our youngest girl in Dec, and her older sister had no one to play with and we got a retired breeder who doesnt like to play so we are getting a kitty for our 3 year old so she can have a playmate. If I had a bigger house I would have more than 6 so I say go for it!

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Wow, SystemXpert, I could have written your post. We are getting a fourth cat in May, and have talked about at some point getting a fifth. (it would end at 5 but I was concerned about them all getting along.) It seems like no one thinks it will be a problem.
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I am now owned by 14 cats! Mimi gave birth to 4 kittens on April 7th!
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I think i'm going to have five inside cats, and five outside cats I want to keep the new babies inside!
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I just got #3, last week. With the two dogs, that makes five pets and we're doing fine. I have had as many as 6 cats, at a time and during those years, I had a dog, too.
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