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Bye Bye Stray (Long story)

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Sad day for me =(. About three weeks ago a stray found my boyfriend and I. Its very cold here so we built him a weather proof house, I warmed up his blankets in the dryer a few times a day and gave him fresh food and water twice a day. We kept him out there for a week trying to figure out if he had an owner or not.

Finally we took him in after going door to door, putting out notices and realizing if this cat actually does have an owner they sucked and didn’t deserve him. The little guy had mites, bloody ears, bloody nose, bloody head, and eye infection etc…. lets just say he was one sorry looking cat.

So a week after he found us my boyfriend and I saw him in his little house and we saw he was shivering really bad… it was FREEZING out. So my boyfriend feeling bad for him just picked up the whole house and put it in the guest room.

That was two weeks ago, in those two weeks we have had 3 vet appointments to neuter him, get him vaccinated, get mite meds, eye infection meds… etc…all the things you would need to do to a battered stray cat. In those two weeks I guess he was recuperating since he pretty much slept all day and was very content in his little room.

I had told my vet if she knew anyone who wanted a cat we were willing to give him away to a good home as we really didn’t want a third cat just yet. We just wanted to fix him up and make sure he was safe.

I got really attached to this cat, I would spend hours in his room cuddling. He would fall asleep in my arms like a baby, purr in my hair, play wiggle finger with me… I fell in love with him.

Wow this is turning into a long story! Lol, just being emotional I guess. Anyway, Friday was the day we got him fixed and the technician fell in love with him and asked if she could have him. I told her id talk to my boyfriend. So off I went home crying like a little girl lol. My boyfriend said we should keep him but only if he gets along with my other babies.

So we decided to let them meet one by one… Busgy (my little one) first. So we let them out (they have been smelling each other through the door for 2 weeks now). I put treats on the ground. Bugsy looked at the stray hissed then ignored him and kept eating. The new guy crouched down real low like he was hunting. Started walking real slow to my Bugsy, stopped and crouched lower, he was really silent at this point and then he POUNCED! I grabbed him but he wanted my Bugs, him and I fought for control of the situation for a good 3 min, me trying to hold him and him going insane trying to get my baby. Finally I grabbed him and had him upside down and ran to the room we were keeping him in and shut the door… What was odd to me is that he was totally silent the whole time.

So… bye bye stray =(. Sorry for the long story, it just sucks to get so attached only to have to give him away. At least I know it will be a great home. The tech at my vet was obviously in love with him already. So that’s good… still sad though. I just cant have a cat that stalks my little one like he was prey.
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*sigh* yeah, that does sound predatory... I think he might need to be an only cat... I'm really glad he's got someplace to go, though.
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Firstly, bless you both for taking him in and caring so much. Perhaps the time just isn't right for you to have that extra kitty and the vet tech needs this baby right now. I believe in fate/destiny/whatever you want to call it and perhaps this was all part of what was supposed to be.

OT - I'm originally from NB and have a lot of family there. My 2 brothers live near Sackville, nieces and nephews in Amherst, NS and a niece in Moncton not to mention many, many, many cousins and aunts and uncles. (My dad had 10 brothers and 4 sisters and my mom had 9 brothers and sisters who in turn all had big families so there are a lot of us. )
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It's a sad story, but it really doesn't surprise me that he didn't do well with the others - if he was a stray or abandoned, he would have been used to living defensively and fighting for his food. It would take a lot of time and effort to train him out of that, if it could be done at all.
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I’m just happy that I was able to find him a home. A good home at that. We had gone to our vet to give this cutiepie away and as we were heading out the door I could hear the vet tech giving him kisses and telling him what a handsome boy he is. It was sad but good, and I miss him already but the vet told me I can call anytime to find out how he was doing. In the car leaving I mentioned to my boyfriend that since we have a room available we should foster… I got an odd look but not a no! Ill keep you all updated =)

OT: I just moved to NB from Toronto. I can see why people say once a maritimer, always a maritimer. While I miss the fast pace life of Toronto I’m finding myself more and more comfortable here. Wow! Big family =) That’s one thing I miss insanely is my family and my big old crusty senior dog I had to leave behind with my mom =( She was too old to make the move.
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