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A Man for All Seasons (1964)

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There are a few movies that I have to revisit every know and then. It's like an old friend coming over for dinner. You know exactly what to expect, but the conversation is still welcome and enjoyable. A Man for All Seasons is exactly that film.

I first watched it in Religion Class my Senior year of high school. My History and Religion Departments got together and let us watch movies that showed both elements. It was at that moment I fell in love. I ran home and rented the movie watching two or three times in a row. In college we picked this film apart because it was so well done.

Now that I've been away from this film for a good five years I decided it was time. I wondered if it had held up to the high level I've put it on. The answer is: YES! It did. As I age and go back to this film it brings more and more to me.

The basic plot is about King Henry the 8th and his marriage to Anne Boleyn. As history tells us the Pope refused to grant his divorce from Catherine, so Henry decided to break from the Catholic church and create his own. Thus The Church of England was born. Sir Thomas Moore, a Catholic, couldn't support this marriage, so he was ultimately put to death because of it. My small paragraph is enough to understand the story of this film, but to watch it is to experience it on a higher level. Paul Scofield is so good that it's difficult for a person to separate him from the character he's playing.

This film is a master work. It's worth owning, sharing, and watching over and over again.
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Yes, MAN FOR ALL SEASONS is certainly one of the most memorable movies I've ever seen. I remember going to see it with the school I went to. Gives you a true glimpse into the lives of the characters. BTW, Paul Scofield died recently. RIP Paul!
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