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The Ice Storm (1997)

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This was one of the first films that introduced Ang Lee to America. Set in 1973 while the Watergate scandal is reeking havoc in Washington we are thrown into the world an upper middle class family in Connecticut. We are given a glimpse of parents that were married in the 50's and went though the sexual revolution together. Affairs are taking place, children are experimenting, and no one seems to be able to draw the line and modify their behavior.

Even though this film is ten years old Lee didn't use any tricks or fancy shooting to date the film. It's really straight forward and beautiful to look at. The cast is totally solid, and the young actors aren't shrill and annoying.

Now comes down to the ultimate question, should you rent this movie? Well... yes and no. Yes, because it's a really solid piece. Lee is a fine director. It's obvious that he's researched his setting and time so the world he creates is totally believable. The reason someone may not want to rent this is because it's not an uplifting heartwarming story. It has great entertainment value, but it ends almost totally unresolved.

Also, this is an adult only movie. Mostly because it wouldn't capture a ten year olds attention for longer than ten minutes, but also because of it's subject matter.
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I loved this movie. I rented it a few years ago, and it still is on my list of favourites.
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