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Is there a perfect diet for this problem?

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Hello, my Harry had a urinary blockage last September (he's 6 years old), and had to be catheterized (sp?) to remove the crystals. Ever since, he has been on a diet of prescription dry food free fed (I alternate between Hills c/s and Waltham o/d), and Fancy Feast for wet food once per day (it's the only wet food he'll eat!). Is there a better diet that will help to assure that he doesn't have a reoccurence of crystal blockage? Has anybody's cat had this problem without a reoccurence? Thanks in advance for information!
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I tried prescription wet -- a couple different brands -- but he won't touch the stuff! Do you happen to know the brand that your friend is using? I'd love to give it a try.
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Most of the perscription wet diets aren't that appealing to animals, so often owners, vets and kennels have to add flavor enhancers to it.
You can speak with your vet about this, I'm sure they would know the name of something, there is one specific thing but I can't remember the name of it, at any rate you take like a spoon full (amount varies on the food portion) and then mix it up really well with the wet food ad a smidget of warm water in mix all that up, and it's basically a palatability enhancer and the animals will gobble all the food down then!
Some people also use the Gerber pured meat, like the veal especially.

Maybe you can try that.
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I use medi-cal preventative food for this condition, my cat didn't have a blockage, but a urinary tract infection, and the change in food cleared the infection (along with antibiotics) in 5 days. I feed this to all my cats now, and the wet food too! One of my cats loves wet food and is picky, but she love the medi-cal preventative wet food! None of my cats have had any problems since so I stick to the food. Also I put 3 locations for water bowls in my apartment to increase their drinking, and I see them drink for all 3. here is a link for info:


this is a canadian link, in the US the food has different name....
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