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Naughy (neutered) male cat...help?

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I dont know whats going on with my cats but all of them are neutered and have been for quite a while now. Maybe its spring in the air or something but its just weird.
Munchkin is stalking Kinky, they dont get along anyway but they usually just swat at eachother and growl a little and move on.
So today Im browsing the site and Munchkin squeaks like a squeaky toy (really cute, he does that sometimes) so I look over to see what he's doing and he's got Kinky by the scruff of the neck standing over him and Kinky's just laying there. Id like to point out that Munchkin is about 10lbs and Kinky is 19. So anyhow, I hop up and give him a swat and Kinky runs off but Munchkin has been stalking poor Kinky all day and the two of them just went by so he's still doing it! I have no idea what's going on, none of them have ever done anything like this before. Im worried Kinky is going to get molested when Im not around to save him. Any ideas what's going on/what I should do??
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I dont have any advise... just sympathy. Whenever we dog-sit my FILs neutered Springer, my neutered male cat used to do that to my FIL's dog. Worst part is dog would let him! Bit the nape of his neck and all.... go figure. I dont know if it's a dominance thing... like in dogs... but Roly doesnt do this to any of our spayed girls or even intact fosters.... just the neutered male dog. Weird huh?

And just a side note... he doesnt spray the house either... so who knows.
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Cats pin each other down by the scruff as a form of dominance, my boys do that to each other all the time, sometimes straddling or sitting on top of whoever is being shown his place. It sounds to me as though your boys had a little bit of a disagreement that needed to be settled. It's perfectly normal and not sexual in nature

ETA: If their rivalry is getting more demonstrative than usual, it could be a sign that one of them is feeling unwell and smells ill to the other cat, so keep an eye out for any other behavioural changes such as sleeping more or eating less than usual.
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My Jack does that with Sophie, but she doesn't want to play with him so he seems to pester her all the more.

Instead of swatting them just give a couple of loud claps and they should break apart, because hitting them will only make them scared of you
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Well Im glad that is only dominance issuse, but now Im worried about Kinky! It just doesnt seem like him to tollerate something like that, but everyone does pick on him so I guess that would put him at the bottom of the pecking order...Ive just never seen anyone else do that! Ill be keeping a close eye on him though. Thanks guys : )
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