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Kitty Poop Fiasco...

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Simon, my Ragdoll, has gotten another, um, kitty nugget stuck to his fur. He sat all over the furniture and floor, so I took a previous suggestion and used warm water/ paper towels to remove the offensive item. But all I've managed to do is make the situation worse; the sucker is now smeared to twice its normal size (not trying to be graphic); and since it's been "warmed up" so to speak, the odor is detectable; I fear he could smear it all over everything more so than prior to my attempt to "help".

At the moment, I've confined him, his litter box and several toys in the bathroom. I'm hoping that he'll clean it off himself, as he's done in the past (when I was unable to remove the feces from his fur). I'll keep checking in on him frequently and let him out for food and water (which he wouldn't want so close to his litter box).

My husband is at work, so I have no extra helping hands. *sigh* It looks like I have little choice but to clip his fur (after the feces are removed).

Thanks for listening,

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Good luck, all I can say is to keep trying to work it out, go in that confind room with him, and work it out with a comb (be very easy!) and keep up with the water and paper towel, or as a last resort just cut off that clump before it spreads to more surfaces or haven forbid contacts his skin!
It can take a while to get it out with a paper towel, it doesn't always just slide right out, imagen trying to get peanut butter out of your hair, same thing, slow process but you gotta do it.

How much litter are you using in it's litter box? Often long haired cats like 1 - 1 1/2 inches, vrs 2+ inches, because they say with more in the box, long haired cats are more proned to get it stuck of their fur.

I too have come home a few time to Isha's trails while I was away at work, on my computer desk, the floor, window sills, bedding, it was GREAT.
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Grab a clean bucket, and put a little bit of warm water in the bottom- enough to get his rump wet. Add a little tiny amount of a degreaser Dawn Detergent, to the water and plop his butt in, gently hold him down so his butt sits in the mixture, he will cling to the side of the bucket, so you want the water to be able to reach him.

Once he has been in there for 3 minutes, take an old clean rag and wash his bum gently, then rinse him good. Towel him off, and when he is finally dry- sprinkle some cornstarch on his rump and groom him out.

Clip his fur as soon as you can.
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PS: Trim his claws well before trying what hissy said. You just never know.
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i can totally relate to your experience. i have more share of wiping poopies off my kitty's butt/tail areas.. hehe! :tounge2:

The minute you smell something funny (or nasty, that is) from Simon, just immediately bring him to the bathroom. Close the door. Carry him like a baby.

Fill a small basin with warm water, and dilute a little of his shampoo with the warm water. Soak a mini, soft towel in the basin of liquid. Place your kitty in the wash area, and start wiping with the SOAKED soft towel (must be really soaked, and NOT wring out at all.) Oh, don't forget to clean very gently the butthole as well.

Clean off then, repeat with clean water, possibly two or three times. Every time something like this happens, it takes me about 20-25 minutes to go through the whole nine yard.

Towel dry, then carry him out of the bathroom to blow dry at low, unassuming heat.

My Venus went through a little routine for several times in a row at one point, and i was really exhausted!! Also, i tried to hold my breath, but there is only so much breaths one can hold!

Personally, i don't like Venus to deal with the poopies herself, as i doubt licking her own poopies is pleasant at all? Also, confining might mean punishment, and in general, i don't really like confining my kitties.

i don't think it is really their fault for messing up, and i know how frustrated you must feel. Yes, what sacrifices we must face for our babies! i feel for BOTH of you!!

Clipping his fur might help , but i am too afraid to mess up my kitty hair.

Hope all is well with Simon, i feel so much for him now.....sigh!

Good luck, Jenk!

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Thank you for all the suggestions. The minute my husband steps in the door, I'll have him help me bathe Simon's bottom. It won't be a joyous occasion, but it certainly is necessary.


PS: Ragdolls cotton-feeling fur is exquisite, but it's a royal pain as far as stuck feces are concerned.
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The situation is resolved. When my husband got home, he and I went into the bathroom to work on removing the feces (I managed to smear) on Simon's hindquarters. But by that time, most of the feces were gone. (We can all imagine how they were removed....) :disturbed

With my husband's assistance, I used kitty bathing wipes on Simon's fur. Then I used a little cornstarch to dry, separate and fluff it back to its usual cotton-like texture.

Meanwhile, I've managed to clip all but one of his front claws while he was sleeping. (Sounds impressive, but three toes still have Soft Paws on them.)

Thanks again,

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Hurray!! !!

i am so happy for you!!

Another product i use in place of corn starch is Crabtree & Evelyn's Jojoba Oil tal-free body powder. It smells pleasant, and is non-toxic and organic (consists mainly of corn starch and oats.)


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Glad to hear the deed is done!
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Ouchie.. i hate that. It happened to me once in a while. One of my cat has long hairs and usually got stuck in his tail. Grr He dislikes us cleaning his rear but he had to! sometimes we trimmed his tail if poops were on it. Yeah..

Everyone have good suggestions.. I ll take their suggestion. thanks.
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