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My doggies

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Gracie is 8 years old and was rescued from the shelter the day she was to be put to sleep. I believe her to be a jack russel terrier mix. Not sure what with I just guess lab.

(she is trained to hold in her mouth whatever I tell her to hold and pose for the camera )

This is Maggie the 4 year old Boston terrier. She was rescued from a family member who was going to dump her at the pound. She LOVES to swim and fetch tennis balls.

This is Lucy she was rescued from the shelter by someone I knew when she was 6 weeks old and given to me at the age of 15 weeks when she had to move to an apartment. She will be 2 in June...

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Ahhh - they are all cute, but if I had to pick... I am in love with Lucy. That last pic of her is just darling!
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SO beautiful! Ahh I wish you could have more than two dogs where I live.

And that pic of Gracie with the flower - **dies** - I really must teach my babies to do that!!
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They are all gorgeous!!
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Wow, Lucy takes my breath away..she is gorgeous! (They all are actually)
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They are all so cute!!!!

Thank you so much for saving these beautiful critters!!!
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Your doggies are precious!! They have the cutest little faces
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I love them all but especially the one with the flower in her mouth!
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Maggie doesn't look real impressed with the flower behind her ear but they are all gorgeous!! Lucy is just precious. She reminds me of DH's old dog, bandit. He unfortunately went to RB over 10 years ago, but was the greatest dog, even if he did almost put my eye out (long story). Thanks for sharing pics of your fur kids!
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Awww!!!! They are all so sweet!!
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Awww...thanks for sharing them! Very cute.
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very cute!
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They are all adorable!
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