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Cat keeps trying to escape...any advice?

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We have a cat, Razzle, who tries to escape anytime a door is left open. He's gotten out probably a dozen times and it was easier to deal with in our old home because he couldn't really get out (or never tried) of our fenced yard.

We have a deck at our new house and he first goes under there, but he's slipped under our gate a few times (gate has a chain and padlock on it because someone let our dogs out of the yard a few months ago).

Anyways, we do NOT want him outside. We live near a busy intersection and we just don't allow our cats outside. We've NEVER had this problems with our cats in the past, and of the 4 it's just him who tries to escape.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.
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Try a little distraction. Give him some more things to do in the house. Maybe a window perch would help. A cat tree even... You could try offering him some potted cat grass. Maybe play with him some more and offer him more toys.

Good luck I hope you find what works.
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You need to train yourselves - each other, because depending on the cat to learn, who's just fixated on a little patch of 'outside' through a doorway, is not going to work. You can make special efforts to either distract him, get him temporarily behind a door somewhere, whatever you have to do to make it work. Put up big crazy signs on the door for as long as it takes to 'train' everyone, and change them every few days so they don't become wallpaper. Have a sign outside to remind people to not just open the door, but knock, and train everyone inside to keep a knee in the door whenever necessary. It's quite doable, most of us have done it, but you need to take charge.
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i don't have your problem but milo is curious about outside. we have decided to build him a cat enclosure attached to the back of the house so he can have some 'outside' time but without any dangers. would that be an option for you?
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Is your cat afraid of anything??? Stuart HATES plastic sacks and I kept a garbage bag right outside the door (to the garage) and shoock it when he was by the door. He would take of running every time. Also, a water bottle works very well. And I was thinking, maybe you could keep the vaccum by the door and turn it on when you come in or go out. That way your cat won't like going in that area.

Do you ever take your kitty outside? When I take Leya out on her harness she stays close to the door for the rest of the day. It's dangerous to let them out and not expect them to want to run. I've got Leya pretty well trained to know she needs her harness in order to go outside. (She's also blind so she won't run for it, that's the reason she is our only cat that is allowed outside)
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