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Cold house = cuddly kitties

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Well, our old boiler in the basement died this morning, so we're without heat today and it will be tomorrow before our furnace guy can get the part to fix it. It's not all that cold outside (upper 40's), but it's a bit a chilly inside. Fortunately, I have a small space heater, which helps, and, most importantly, four extra cuddly kitties. I just got finished watching a movie, curled up on the living room couch wrapped in a fleece throw, with Gracie on my lap, Katie on my right and Peter on the left, snuggling close. Claire, of course, had the warmest spot -right in front of the heater!
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Go Claire!

Nothing like warm snuggly kits on a cold day. :
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Aww, that's the best way to keep warm!
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Best heat source EVER!
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That is the best way to keep long as all the kitties get along.
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My house was built as a single house and converted to a duplex; my apartment gets much less than its fair share of the heat.

I refer to Zane as 'my furry hot water bottle.'
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Originally Posted by valanhb View Post
That is the best way to keep long as all the kitties get along.
They do as long as Gracie gets to be the one on my lap and Claire isn't too close to her.

Well, the heat's back on, but we had a very snuggly night. All four of them stayed in bed with me all night (doesn't happen very often) and they pretty much slept on top of me. Claire, of course, was completely under the covers.
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I keep my heat pretty low in my place so I get lots of snuggly kitties too! The worst is Vino though, he tries to glue himself to me I'd rather have a 10 lb cat than a 30 lb dog

Pandy does the same thing with the heater, lays right in front of it!
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I call my kids my "feet warmers"!!!
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Oh yes! And at night when it is cold and they are laying against you, it feels like they weigh about 50 pounds!!
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I will have lots of company tonight as DH had to go be with his mother during his father surgery tomorrow.

Ben, the Golden Retriever, get first choice of his spot as he is the oldest. Bailey, an Old English Sheepdog, growls if anyone gets too close. And Riley, the younger Old English, lays across my lower legs.
Zoey, my DSH, will be curled up next to my right shoulder. Talley, the Calico, will lay next to my head.

Any unusal sounds will result in a huge barkfest, with Zoey and Talley diving under the bed. Not that I blame them, the dogs weigh in at 105, 88, and 82 pounds.
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