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From normal to nutso in 5 seconds flat!

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You never know what I'll get a pic of with this gang!

(See what these guys have done to my curtains?! )

(Dorky has his paws on a toy, everytime it gets near him he pushes it away disgustedly)

The Troublemaking Trio

I never realized just how big PJ & Punky are compared to the others, they're very muscular & have such big paws.
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LOL aww!

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How funny is the look on Punky's face with that toy?? If only looks could kill
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Such handsome boys!
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Awww Nat, I wuv your kitties.
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The toy is one of those that you pull the tail & it vibrates. Scares the bejeepers out of them every time.
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they are big boys ... how much do they weigh/??
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Awwwwwww they are all such handsome boys! The 3 of them must keep you laughing What fun to come home to after a rough day.
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they are so gorgeous! love the one of the three of them sitting on top of the cage, so sweet!
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That looks like trouble

it also looks like they really love each other Uncle Dorky is going to miss those boys!
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Dorky's such a funny boy - Tolly does that too, he pulls his toy towards him and then pushes it away as if it smells funny

Those are great photos of your troublesome trio. They certainly look as if they have plenty of mischief stored up just waiting to burst out.
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Love your troublemaking trio, poor curtains, I bet they have had a rough time.
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awww so cute...
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Great pictures!!!!

I don't see anything wrong with your curtians!!!! () Just like my blinds, there's nothing wrong with them. Enzo just couldn't see through them so he made windows!
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The boys aught to be around 9-10 lbs....but theyr'e all muscle.
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Great pics, Nat!
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Great pictures, Nat, I also enjoy seeing pictures of the boys, they are so cute. They look like they provide you with lots of entertainment. Note: The curtains, Prince and Abby have pretty much taken care of mine, too!!
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