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How much snow do you have left??

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I think ours is over 90% gone!! I've been shoveling and spreading the snow from our areas where it got high from snowblowing this season.

The temps are "supposed" to be in lower 40's this week and we are in a flood watch as we are supposed to get heavy rain tomorrow afternoon.

Hopefully that will take care of most of what is left but then the yard will be muddy-or not as the ground is still pretty much frozen (I tried to remove my plant protecters and cannot due to the stakes being stuck yet)

Dad chipped away a good part of the ice in back of my garden shed and can open the door enough to get in now.
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In some places, we can see grass, but others where the sun doesn't directly hit it, we have maybe 6 inches or so. The snowbanks are still kind of high too. They're saying temps are going to be high this week as well, and maybe reaching 60 on Tuesday!
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None!! WE have been snow-free for quite some time!! BUT its rainy and muddy...blah!!
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It snowed here Friday, enough that we had to shovel but it didnt last long, we're about the same here too... the only snow left is from a snow storm we had a week before St Patty's Day. The only snow left is that of snow mounds created by snow blowing, shoveling and plowing. For the most part it is staying above freezing here now, and aside from Wednesday when it's supposed to drop down in the 20's I think we're gonna be good.

At least our pool is unthawed now. For awhile... it was looking like a giant ice rink back there.

I know spring is 'calendorically' here... but I cant wait for it officially.

Getting cabin fever here... need to see some daffodils soon!
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Well, none.
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Not much any more. We still have the piles, areas where it had drifted or where there is a lot of shade, but for the most part it is 95% gone. It hit 50 degrees (f) today, so that helped too. It's finally starting to feel like spring
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None, but they are predicting us having 8" by tomorrow night.
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Our snow is gone and the tulips are starting to pop out of the ground. It's nearly flower planting season here!
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All of our snow is gone! *knock on wood*
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Scattered patches here and there - as well as the ugly, dirty, plowed piles of snow. Not the prettiest time of the year. But I did see a robin today!!
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gosh Im so jealous!
We've still got a good 3-4 feet! It got up to just about 50 today though so hopefully it's going to start melting, Im so ready for it to be gone!
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Originally Posted by AddieBee View Post
Scattered patches here and there - as well as the ugly, dirty, plowed piles of snow. Not the prettiest time of the year. But I did see a robin today!!
Same for us here too
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We still have too much snow! It snowed again yesterday and our roads and highways were hazardous and advisories were being issued to stay off the highways.

I left my livingroom window open and I woke up freezing this morning. It was 60 degrees in my apartment. It must have gotten pretty cold outside. Our parking lot in the back is a sheet of ice. I've lost count as to how many cars have been stuck today.
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We still have quite a lot here, no bare patches yet, however we are suppose to get warmer temps and lots of rain this week so Hopefully it will go quickly...
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Ours was washed away with lots of rain a week ago. There still is some snow in the forecast for this coming week, but no accumulation.
Bulbs are pushing out of the ground, buds are on the bushes and I've had snow drops and now crocuses out.
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Oh you poor people still dealing with snow!!! But then I guess it is the end of March...I guess it's been a while since I really lived in the North now.

DH mowed the lawn yesterday for the first time and did the insect treatments for under the house too. We've got lots of trees in bloom and things too. It's been good, happy weather! I hope it makes it to all of you still melting soon!
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None, just like we started with! But I guess I cant complain about the 70-80* weather the last week!
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My lawn was just about bare untill Friday when we got about 7 inches! Its calling for rain Monday so hopefully it will melt it again quickly. Then we have to go through the mud again.. I"m so tired of snow...
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Well there's not too much left here. But I still have a huge pile in my backyard. There's a huge oak tree to the east and another one to the west. Each is at least 175 feet tall so needless to say, the backyard doesn't see a lot of sun.
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All of ours is gone - except for some spots in the ditches where its dirty, nasty snow. Although some parts of MN are to get snow (like Natalie said) & I'm sure we'll get some more. Winter is really never 'over' here in Minnesota
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We still have big piles of snow here - it is melting though!! Today we are about to get 6 to 8 inches of snow just when it was starting to melt...spring needs to come!! We just started to see grass
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Almost none. We had a very dry winter. It was too cold to snow here! Other parts of the state got more snow than us, but the big storms missed us. I hope we have a nice rainy spring to make up for it!
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I live in Southern California, a place that RARELY if Ever gets snow. I have lived here all of my 28 years and have NEVER seen snow here. So...In answer to your question as to how much snow I have left... None.

We only get rain in winter, in fact, winter is the ONLY season we get rain. We dont get summer storms like some places get.
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We still have 5 foot high snow banks in our front yard. I think it's going to take till June to melt
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