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couple of new lens pics

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Had a chance to try out my new lens quickly today. Nothing special but a couple of quackers in the pond. Quite pleased with it so far, but need to spend a bit more time with it and practice.

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Wow!! Those are awesome pictures! What kind of camera do you have?
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wow! very nice! the details show up very nicely.
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Thanks its a Canon 400D, really pleased with it at the mo, but you know what its like? I might have to upgrade in a couple of years
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That picture of the mallard is especially beautiful. I wish I had any kind of artistic ability - the color play on that is gorgeous!
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Wow, those are gorgeous shots
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Beautiful photos
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Well, when you upgrade... think of us. I'm ready to hold up my bidder's paddle already That camera takes stunning pics. Beautiful colors!!!
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great shot's!
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Wow! They're both beautiful! The male has his head tilted a bit and looks like he's being a bit coy and wondering if you got his good side
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Very pretty!!
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