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Anxiety Issues-Is there anything I can do??

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I think Boo has anxiety issues. He's starting to really drive me crazy. If I leave him alone(even for a second) he acts like he's dieing and starts screaming and running around until he's panting. Whenever I go to bed for the night, he sits at the door for hours crying and banging his head against the door. I have to actually sit there and rock him to sleep before I can go to bed so he won't freak out.
I just don't know what to do with him. I tried some pheromone stuff, and that worked for a few days, then stopped working. I've also tried leaving the radio on for him when I leave, but that doesn't help either. Is there anything else I can do, or is there some type of medication I can put him on??
I'm starting work again in a few months, and I can just imagine how he's going to be unless I can figure something out.
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Hi, I gather you're both single? Ok, what about ... getting him a new friend? Another younger male who's of similar temperment (either laid back, skittish, aggressive, etc.)? If not, do you play actively with him before bed, etc. to wear him out a bit, using toys that he can pounce on if dragged under the blankets, etc, or a laser wand (pet store type) that he can chase around the walls, or how about a tall cat tree? I think the other cat answer would be the best, so he doesn't feel abandoned - is there a serious reason you couldn't do it?
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you could try some Rescue Remedy, see if that helps...
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He actually has a buddy. Its a 2 year old Himalayan. They play together, but for some reason he's really attached to me.
He wasn't always like this. He was fine until he was about 4 months old. After, that, he kind of went crazy. I personally think its because of what happened during that month. I gave away his mother and the other two kittens, so he bonded very closely to Zorro. Then, three weeks later, Zorro was put down, and he was all by himself. He stopped eating and just wasn't himself. I got another cat within a few days to try to purk him up. He started eating and playing again, but thats when the anxiety problems started, and they just keep getting worse.
Its really driving me crazy.
What is rescue remedy and what does it do??
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aww! poor baby!
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Originally Posted by gothicangel69 View Post
What is rescue remedy and what does it do??
click on the link in the post for more info... but here's some.
Rescue Remedy helps pets relax in stressful situations, such as travel, thunderstorms, or just going to the veterinarian's office. Made from a combination of five soothing flower essences including helianthemum, clematis, and impatiens.
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In case you're unsure, the RR's have been around for quite a while, at worst are harmless and at best really help many animals in various ways.
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I guess I'll have to give the RR a try. I really don't want to go to medications until I've tried everything else possible.
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Do try the RR! It doesn't work for all cats, but in my experience it has been super helpful. We have three semi-feral kittens (siblings - two boys and a girl) and two of them have adapted great. They are playful, enjoying petting and are very comfortable just being around the hubby and me. The little boy tabby, however, was just having such a tough time. So, on advice, I got some RR and slip it in their water dish (all three drink it) and he has improved so much. To be honest, I have noticed a general mellowing of all three kittens, but our little Steve is definitely less frightened/skittish/anxious than he used to be.

Like I said, it doesn't work for all cats - but it can help. It is worth a shot.
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well, I picked up the RR today. I was told to put in on their gums, but will it work as well in their water dish?? Boo doesn't really drink alot of water, so I'm wondering whether it will be better to just give him a few drops whenever needed.
I guess I'll find out tonight whether or not its going to work.
Poor thing. There was a stray cat outside the window yesterday, and he got so upset that it took over an hour to calm him down.
I'm also getting him neutered next week, so hopefully that will help a bit too.
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My Rocky had to be on antianxiety medication (Buspar) for a while when my cousin had him. He changed 180 degrees from an anxious and occasionally aggressive cat to the sweetheart he is today. He hasn't taken medication in the 5 years that I've had him, and he hasn't had any problems. I do wish I'd known about Rescue Remedy or something similar back then -- I'm in favor of natural/alternative solutions whenever possible.

Sending lots of your way!

P.S. Neutering should help, too -- it generally makes male cats mellow out considerably.
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Rescue remedy should work just great BUT in the offchance it stops working well, or not at all there are alternative medicines that can be used for short periods of time. Someone already mentioned Buspar-thats a good one, Amitryptiline, and as a last resort there is always Prozac. I started Uno on Prozac 3 days agao and man I am telling you he is a totally different cat-we were having problems with him beating up the other 8 kitties in the house several times a night, now we have slept through the nights all 3 nights and he just seems to be a happier, more laid back guy. I am not suggesting you go straight to Prozac, but from experience it does work!!!! Good luck with the RR and try and get some sleep.
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One thing you can do with the RR, which I did with our other boy kitten Paddington before he went to get altered, is put a few drops right behind their ears. They get the vapours - which is helpful - and then when they groom they end up licking it. Also, it absorbs into the skin which is good as well. It worked a treat for the trip to the vet - he was calm and cool and totally chilled out. When we got to the vet, it was totally different, but at least the journey there was fine!

Some cats don't like the flavour of the RR at first, so the behind the ear trick can be great. My cats are all used to the RR in their water now, but I highly recommend putting a few drops on their head if you worry that they won't actually drink the water. Also, make sure if you do administer it on their gums, that you don't use the dropper to put it in their mouths as it is glass and if they chomp down...well, you know how that could end. Good luck and I hope the RR is effective.
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