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RIP Petré

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Our poor canary, Petré, passed away this morning. My father decided to fiberglass his boat while my mother and I were out. We didn't know he was going to do it, or we would have moved the poor guy. When we came home, he was dead. I just feel so horrible. He could have easily lived for at least another few years.
He used to be so happy all the time and would always sing for you whenever you came over to say hello. He was a great bird and no other could ever replace him.
My father feels so terrible. He wants me to go with him sometime this week to buy my mother another one. It might make her feel a little better.
This has been such a bad week. First Foo-Foo, and now this. I don't know what to do. I just can't stop crying. This has been a horrible year.
Goodbye Petré

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Sorry for your loss. He was a cute bird...
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I'm so sorry.

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Awwww isn't he sweet! Fly high across the bridge Petre

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Sorry about the Bird
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What a cutie. So sorry he passed on. I hope your father doesnt blame himself too bad... it wasnt intentional. Fly high Petre!
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I know my father feels so bad. He used to love sitting there and listening to the bird sing. He wants to get another one right away, but my mother and I told him to wait until he's finished working on his boat.
I'm really upset about Petre, but I understand that it was just an accident, and these things happen sometimes. Its really hard though losing two beloved pets in one week.
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Aww! I am sorry. He was a pretty 'lil thing.
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aww he was beautiful! RIP little one
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