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vomiting cat needs help....

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My cat Gracie had 5 beautiful and healthy babies about 5 1/2 weeks ago. This is her first litter and she just turned 1 year old yesterday. This morning she started acting funny and following me everywhere and "talking" nonstop. She had food, water, clean litter and all 5 babies are where their supposed to be. About 2 1/2 hours ago she started vomiting. It looked like food and water. Sorry to gross anyone out but she has vomitind at least once every half hour to an hour. She hasnt in the past 36 minutes. I also noticed that she hasnt touched her bowl of food. I cant tell if she has drank the water cause the kitties drink there also. I dont want to jump to any conclusions and end up paying a outrageous vet bill for something minor. I was hoping someone her might know or can give any advice. I'm thinking she might be a little dehydrated?
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Please get Gracie to the vet pronto. Vomiting after birthing even if birthing is only a few weeks ago, and the fact that she is so young could be a potential problem that a vet will be able to pinpoint. Take the kittens with you to keep her calmer but please take the family in to be seen. Cats can dehydrate quickly and it can cause their demise if not caught and treated.
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I agree. I would get her to the vet ASAP.
One of my inlaws cats was vomiting and they didn't bother to take him. Dh and I went over just to visit and noticed how lifeless he looked. So we rushed him to the kitty ER. he was very dehydated. They did an x-ray and ran blood work. He end up having an infection and need to be put on meds. Poor guy was so sick, i cried all the way there!
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