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*****KatKwiz! - March 30 - Jcat?*****

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Who checked in to say that they liked greyhounds a lot and and hoped they would not be bothering us too much with questions although the place they checked in was a bit unusual? Of course they were assured they could never bother us too much with questions!
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It was x~tracey~x
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ha ha, at first i never put my posts in the right spots, but i think i am getting better! Also i think its a pretty normal thing for newbies to worry about bothering everyone with too many questions because for the most part you feel like an outsider for quite a while. Anyway hope you got the right answer mrblanche!
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I give up. I've done all kinds of searches with nothing.
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I'm honored to be the subject of a question! Jamie's best friend is our tenants'/neighbors' pet - a Greyhound named Aki, who was born in Spain. Aki is very old now, and plagued by various health problems, but still the sweetest dog imaginable, and Jamie is absolutely devoted to him. Jamie and Aki are now dealing with the introduction of a young bulldog puppy, and doing it very well!
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Originally Posted by mrblanche View Post
It was x~tracey~x
Yes, it was. I was going through FAQ looking for a good KatKwiz question and found this. It was not what I was looking for but thought it was a good search question. I sure hope they (x-tracey-x) get their answer. For some reason Jcat sprung to mind. Amyway, 2000 points to Mrblanche today.

And 700 points to anybody (except Jcat) that can tell me why her name sprung to mind.

2 days left!
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Now I'm just confused. I can't find where x~tracey~x says she likes greyhounds a lot.
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ummm just a guess but maybe because jcat is a moderator and is always having to move the posts that we put in the wrong places? Anyway congrats mrblanche on the correct answer.
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Um..jcat did say that Jamie's best fren is a greyhound named Aki. Maybe that's why?
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