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Anyione had trouble with Pet-Ease Pheromone Plus Diffuser?

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A few months ago I bought a Pet-Ease Pheromone Plus Diffuser for my IC cat, but after a month of being plugged in, the bottle of liquid was still full. I called the manufacturer, Nutri-vet, and they told me something must be wrong if the bottle was still full, so I took it back and got a refund. Thinking this was a one-time glitch, I then bought 2 more and have had them plugged in for a month now, but again the bottles of liquid are still full. The diffusers themselves are warm, so they appear to be working. Unless I missed some directions, I think I have them installed correctly--just remove the cap, screw into the difusser and plug in. I have been using Feliway diffusers for a long time and never had this problem. I plugged in a Feliway at the same time as the other two, and now the Feliway is almost empty. Has anyone else had this problem?
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I bought two Pet-Ease bottles with the diffusers in January. The bottles are still almost full. The Nutri-Vet diffuser doesn't get as warm as the Comfort Zone diffuser did. (I'm in Canada and PetSmart can no longer sell Comfort Zone products. It's a copyright issue I was told.)

I bought two new refills and I'm considering using the Comfort Zone diffuser with the Nutri-Vet bottles. The bottles look like they would fit in either diffuser. I'm hestitating because there might be a safety issue. The liquid in the Nutri-Vet bottles might not be able to handle the higher temperature of the Comfort Zone diffusers. I'd call Nutri-Vet but I've never had much luck in getting manufacturers to call me back. I will probably plug in the new refill with the Comfort Zone diffuser one day when I can be home to watch it and unplug it at night.
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Thanks for the response. Its good (??) to hear that someone else has had the same experience. At least I know I am not crazy--I was afraid I did something really stupidly wrong with them. Maybe there is something wrong with the manufacture of a big batch of diffusers. The person I talked to at Nutri-vet told me it should be used up in about a month. I would give them a call and maybe you can get a refund. Here is contact info:

I would be hesitant about using the other diffuser--the bottle fits, but the wicks seem to be made of different materials, so they might not have the same requirements. I just found a sheet which came with my Comfort Zone package and it says "The electric diffuser is specially designed for this product. The properties of the product cannot be guaranteed if a different device is used." Maybe they can tell you at Nutri-vet if it can be used with their product. I wouldn't take the chance until someone else says its okay.
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I also had the same issue... I unplugged it and got another Feliway... I threw out the other one...

Now, I don't need any of them... I've turned to alternate means of behavioral therapy for my cats... as in medication... not something bad...

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I just talked to a nice lady at Nutri-Vet. She said they have gotten a few other complaints about the same issue with this product. I asked her if the diffuser was compatible with Feliway or other products and she said she had heard that other people have used them interchangeably, but could not really comment on it. She suggested taking the product back for a refund.

Has anyone used the Feliway or Pet-Ease diffusers/bottles interchangeably? I am leery of trying without hearing from others if they have found them compatible.
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Our Nutri-Vet diffuser has been plugged in for 2 months and the level has not moved. It is very hot to the touch when first unplugged so it seems to be working ok. I believe this is a design problem. I will report this to Pet Smart where we bought it and look for another route for behavior.
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I went to an aromatherpaist and gave her the list of ingerdients in the PetEase formula - purchased an oil diffuser (candle based) and have not had any issues the benefit - each refill bottle of the oil combination costs lest than $10 so you might want to look into that option. Vet wanted $70 for the diffuser and 24 for the refills - PetValue here in Toronto wanted 32.99 + Taxes with refills costing 19.99 each. The math speaks for itself.

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