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Sick cat - please pray

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One of our feral cats, Condi, got a virus and died. I was in shock, since I took her to the vet, and the vet said the virus was going around and didn't seem very concerned. I figured since Condi was young, had always been smaller than the other cats in the litter that she was particularly susceptible. Another cat got had a slight fever, but improved quickly. Now, Big Gulp, another of our feral cats, is under the bench very weak and fatigued. She usually jumps at the sight of us, but won't even look our way now. I'm very concerned. We've called two vets, left our number, but it's Sunday morning and they're not picking up, even the cell phones. I don't know what can be done - I'm so afraid she's going to die. I don't understand how cats can die from this virus. Two of our cats got lethargic and feverish for a bit, but got over it. I've researched other things, but it doesn't point to anything in particular. She was fine until yesterday. I just feel so helpless right now. Please pray for Big Gulp, that she recovers from this and that we can get her into the vet. My dad is driving out now just to make sure he's not in his office. Since she is so timid, do you think she'd be ok transporting her? My dad seems to think she could go into shock, or use all of her energy to get away from us, which could kill her. I've never heard of this - is it true? We have antibiotics here from Condi; should we try to give them to her, or would that traumatize her? She typically won't let us very close to her, but maybe since she is so weak, she'd let us give them to her (we have a syringe that we'd put in her mouth).
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Poor baby. Sending vibes your way...

I would call your vet asap about Big Gulp. They will tell you the best way to deal her. The biggest thing that you can do at this point is make sure she's staying hydrated. You can tell by lifting up her scruff, letting go and seeing how quickly it returns to normal. It should return quickly but if not then she's dehydrated. Viruses aren't something that meds can kill, but they do treat the symptoms until the virus passes. Hopefully the doc can get her on a supportive regimen asap to get her through this.

ETA - Where approximately do you live? I'm curious since the vet said it's a virus that's "going around".
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I live in Ohio, the midwest. Do you think she'd be ok to move? I don't know if she'll let us get her in the carrier or not. I moved her box a little and she moved away slightly, but didn't seem that scared. My dad talked to the vet and he'll see her. ETA: My dad touched her and she hissed and got out of the box. I guess that's a good sign that she's resisting, but I highly doubt now that she will go in the carrier. Condi was an outdoors cat but was used to being touched and held. Gulp is very resistant so I don't know. The vet did not seem that interested in helping her; it's not the clinic we usually go to, but it's the best one in town (ha, which I can't understand - the "best" vet has never been that helpful with our animals). The most he'd do is give her an antiobiotics shot he said but maybe he'd see something that would give us a better idea of what this is. The vet we normally see still hasn't responded yet. I guess we just have to pray and see how it goes.
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That sounds like a terrible vet to me. Mine are always concerned when I call with any strange symptoms and tell me to get her in right away. Hopefully your regular vet will call you back soon. I'm not sure if they're open on Sunday or not though.

Where are you wanting to move her to? I don't know how your cat normally reacts when you try to put her in a crate, but in my experience when my cat hisses at me it's because she doesn't want me near her b/c she's in pain.

I'll keep her in my prayers. Poor baby.
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I am so sorry for your loss. Rest in Peace Condi.

I can't give any advice, but know that I am thinking of you and Big Gulp and praying that you will get her to the right vet and get the right care.

I hate when vets seem not to care for the ferals as much as indoor cats.

Please keep us updated.
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Poor kitty. I hope that he gets well.

Unfortunately, if it's a virus, antibiotics don't do a thing. Antibiotics do not work on viruses. At all. Doesn't for humans or critters. And if an illness is caused by bacteria (for which antibiotics would be appropriate) it only works over a course of many days-usually 10 for a cat. If you start to treat a kitty with left over antibiotic and they did indeed have a bacterial infection, stopping the antibiotic for a day could make the strain of bacteria more resistant next time around. So could the wrong does, or wrong type of antibiotic. So for humans and kitties, it's probably best never to give them left over antibiotics.

I sure hope that your friend recovers well though. Thanks for taking care of feral cats.
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Sending tons of get well vibes!
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