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My name is Kathy, I am 30 years old...I have 4 children, Elizabeth(3), Sam(6), Amber(5), & Shalee(10) and 2 furbabies, Rcoky and Fluffy..ohh and also a husband who is Steve..... I hope to get to know some of you all here...Rocky is only 9 months old, and Fluff is aroudn 4 months now...
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Welcome to the site Kathy! Sounds like a pretty busy household you have.

Jump in anywhere, it's a pretty friendly group of people we have here.
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:flash: :flash:


i am a newbie as well, and just wanna welcome you!

My two kittes Daisy (20 months) and Venus (also 4 months - like yours!) are my babies, and i spend a lot of time volunteering n stuff.

i am also married.

Hope you will love this site! (Check out the forum pages and the articles) and Meowhoo.com!

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hello and welcome!

hope you enjoy it here!
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Welcome Kathy!

Wow...you do have a busy household! How do you survive without pulling your hair out?

I have one furry monster named Nakita who just turned 9 months old. She's a handful on her own!

Enjoy your stay! There's a wealth of info here.

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Hi Kathy - welcome!

Glad you found our forums... it's quite addicting here!
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Hi there Kathy, glad you stopped in.

Hope you enjoy this great site.

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