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Sunday Thread 03/30/08

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Morning All!!!

Suppose to be 5 degrees this afternoon and Rain..

It's about darn time

Heading off to work shortly, still finish off month-end paperwork and doing some scheduling.
Little tired today as I didn't sleep to great last night

After work going to the hospital to visit with my sister then home.

Nothing else exciting planned..

Everyone have a good one
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Its 35ยบ here and pouring the rain...Nothing too excited planned here either. I worked last night so I will probably sleep most of today while DH is at work...then maybe get some house cleaning doneHave a good day everyone
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About 45 degrees and rainy here. Just the usual Sunday for us. Church and then out to lunch.
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It is supposed to get to around 50 degrees here with thunderstorms this evening. I am helping hubby make chicken soup (he is really not into cooking, but i am teaching him.) and I plan to rest my foot as much as possible.
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I get to organize my apartment! Yeah, lol! I have one of the moving company people coming tomorrow and Wed. Since I wasted all of yesterday sleeping , I have to do it today.
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The delivery truck has already been here, so Dottie now has a new washer and dryer set.

Guess I better figure out how it works!
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i've got nothing planned today. am just having a lazy one!
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It is 50 degrees right now and sunny blue sky! It has been raining too much so I am glad to have some clear sunny days! Like spring.

We are having a Vegetarian Potluck/Wii party this evening so I am busy cleaning and cooking soon as well. If anyone in the NE Ohio area wants to attend just PM me and I will give directions! It will be a lot of fun.
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Good afternoon everyone!

John is gone for the day, so I'm taking advantage of the opportunity to get some things done that I can't normally get done when he's here (such as cleaning!). Of course, I have to take my breaks here on TCS.
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Originally Posted by xLaydeexTaniax View Post
i've got nothing planned today. am just having a lazy one!
Same here. I did all my errands yesterday. The only thing is off to Petsmart to look at a pretty pink kitty bed for Skye. Purrpa owes her one after what he did to her earlier this week.

I'm thinking it's off to the pool to get some sun on my poor pale legs

SO has to work tonight till midnight so looks like I'll have some time to do laundry and clean a bit before the work weeks starts again.
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