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Chocolate Muffins

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Beauty seems to think she will like chocolate chip muffins. I'd just got back in from work, got one out to eat and Beauty decided to try to reach it and pinch it off me.

Luckily she didn't manage it, because I don't want to find out the hard way whether or not cats can have chocolate!

I let her smell the packaging though and she lost interest.
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Cats and dogs cannot have chocolate, but try telling them that!

I sometimes give Keno (the dog) a bite of choc. chip cookies without the chip. We have to be careful when eating ice cream with chocolate sauce, cause Charlie likes the ice cream
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Ours will sniff, but that's the limit.

If they go to eat one, even a chocolate chip, I'll pull it away though. I know how devestating too much chocolate can be.
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my kitties were tying to steal strawberry shortcake from me last night but didnt get any b/c i couldnt rememner if strawberries were toxic.

chocolate muffins sound pretty good to me right now!
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I always tell mine "That's chocolate, it's BAD for you!" Not that they listen. But if they do sniff it they generally lose interest. Well, except Mojo who is a piglet...
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within the first few months of bringing Jack home, I had a plate of brownies on the counter. I'd forgotten to put them back in the microwave (where I was told to store them from curious kitties). I got home from a 10 minute errand and found the plastic pulled back and a brownie missing from the bottom of the pyramid.

Needless to say, I freaked out... it was Sunday and my normal vet was closed... so I called an e-vet and they said to keep an eye on both cats... if they're starting to act funny, like throwing up, etc... bring them in... but a combination of the other ingredients diminishes the toxicity of the chocolate...

I found half the brownie later... dragged into the living room! neither cat showed signs of illness... but I know who it was... Jack. He's my little holy terror/Hoover Kitty. Tries anything once, and if it tastes okay, he'll come back for more...

I don't give them chocolate... and won't let them near a candy bar or such, but if they get a crumb of a brownie... it won't kill them... at least it won't my two...

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