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Ow! Ow!

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I spent the whole afternoon playing paintball - I have beautiful round bruises on my legs, my chin and on my side! A bruised knee from tripping over a tree root and landing in a ditch and a scraped leg from falling onto a stump.

It was my first time playing paintball and I absolutely LOVED it! I think I will be going back! The injuries were worth getting just to have the adrenalin rush!
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More practice and you will be unstoppable! Glad you had fun.
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OHHH I know what you mean. We took our boys to that (first time for all of us except the one boy) - and they kinda ganged up on me. Had the bruises to prove it.

We had fun, but the bruises are not worth it to me I loved sneaking around thru the bushes and trying to get them; was good for awhile cause they couldn't locate me....
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I played some paintball a couple days ago. It's a lot of fun. Once you play it a couple times, you get used to being hit and you barely even notice it.
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That is one thing I have never done! My boys used to go like once a week and my son begged me to go....I am too much of a chicken!!
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i got asked to go back in college, i backed out LOL!
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That's what John is out doing today with a friend of his and some other people. They invited me to go, but I declined. I've played paintball before and it is lots of fun, but I don't like being so sore after!
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I've never played paintball sounds like you had a blast.
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I am not so sore today, so it is good. I will definitely be back!
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I hate getting shot with those things. Once, about six years ago, DH and I were at a friends and he accidentally shot be in the arm from like 15 feet away. He was messing around with the paint ball gun and didn't think it was loaded. It left a huge welt.
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