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Strange Behaviour...

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I have a female cat named Moonlight, she is spayed, and has all of her shots. She is going to be a year old next month, we have a problem with her. I have 3 female cats, and one male. We noticed early that she was "different" because she always growled and such when we would hold her, it was like she hated us! But we kept up with it, thinking she would grow out of her madness. She didn't, when she was about 8 months she would harrass my female cats, like she was a male and the girls were in heat, she would grab them behind the neck, and mimic what a male would do, we've checked her NUMEROUS times just to make sure, but she still bullies the girls, and tries to jump on every chance she gets. The other girls are fixed, and have great kitty skills. Why does my female cat try to hump the other females, is it a case of mistaken identity? I need an answer, my other girls are terrified of her. PS on occasion she purrs and lets you pet her, but not that much!

What is wrong with my kitty?
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She's not trying to hump them, it's a dominance thing, and many females really resent other females in the place. This is a radical idea, but would you ever consider re-homing her to be the only cat in a new place? I say only because a female moving in on a resident male, unless he was quite laid back and definitely younger (trainable by her!) is also not the best idea at all. I hope others have some better ideas!
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Please remember that not all cats are lap cats or like to be petted or carried. It's part of their individuality. So in this regard, there is nothing wrong with Moonlight.
I agree with larke about the dominance issue. But Moonlight is turning 1 soon so she is young and is proving herself to the others. 1 to 2 years old is the teenage phase for cats and you know how confusing it can be! In my experience, cats settle it among themselves. If it is difficult for you, try putting Moonlight on "time out" if she's getting too rough. Others may suggest Feliway or a similar cat calming product.
Good luck!
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So its more of a dominance thing? I've seen female dogs hump other dogs, so I thought maybe she was confused or something. BTW when she wants to be cuddled she is very nice, and is not the same as she is most of the time. She can be adorable, but later she just acts like she is raping (or attempting to) the other females. I think it might just be her way of playing? Because at times it does look like she is trying to play, but it also seems like she laughs at the fact the other cats are scared of her.
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