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Our Cat Trees

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I'm posting this because I get questions about them often when I post pics of our kitties. We really do have wonderful cat trees. We bought them over a period of about - 6 months? from a local pet store that was going out of business. Unfortunately, I don't who the manufacturer is - but I'm SURE they're available somewhere online, because they are AMAZING. They are so well built it's not funny. We've had them about 4 years now, and they're barely showing signs of wear. We just snip of any nylon ends the cats pull out from scratching on them. We vacuum them and wash them with an upholstery cleaner - and they have really stood up to the wear and tear of all that AND 6 cats CONSTANTLY scratching on them and jumping around on them.

There's a whole series of them - I don't know if I have pics of them all. But here's most of them:

The BIG platform tree:

The "box" tree (with hole on top - cats pop up through it or lie on it - or poke up through it at someone lying on it. ) next to the castle:

Ming Loy enjoying it!

Small tree house next to castle:

Tall tree house:

And there's another platform one I don't have a picture of - it's exactly the height of our bed and has two platforms. The one on top is the perfect size for a kitty bed - and helps make enough room for all six cats when they sleep with us in our queen-sized bed.

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Those are great, I'm sure your kittys all have lots of fun with them. the tree ones look really cool.. i would really like to find something similar eventually.

This is the one we have right now, it gets a good amount of use.. I plan to get a small table and place it on top of it eventually so the cats can be higher on it.

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Those do look like mansion-cat-trees! I imagine they do love them. I love how they look like trees too cute!
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they are cool... i've seen them [or ones like them] online - here are some links to examples...
little oak
big oak
fantasy forest
jack & the beanstalk - i think Rosiemac needs this one!
mushroom cat tree
kitty hollow tree
large mushroom cat tree

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Those are so cool! The only one that looks like it might be from the same manufacturer is the mushroom cat tree - but they're all gorgeous and look like so much fun for kitties!

Thanks for the links.

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Wow they have lots of holes to choose from!
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Those are sooo cool, but a little pricey for me right now. I can't decide which I like best.
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wow! very cool!
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Originally Posted by krazy kat2 View Post
Those are sooo cool, but a little pricey for me right now. I can't decide which I like best.
& that's one of the reasons i don't have any of them.
i think the flower ones are neat, too, but they're really too short to be called 'trees'.
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