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We met the Breeder today!!!

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We met the Breeder at the Cat Show today.
This is her Website
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And what else happened???????

Like the website, but maybe you can suggest that she add the color of the cat with the pictures. That would be helpful.
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Technically if the breeder is working with Dee Dee of Kickapoo you shouldn't go far wrong...
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There is a Breeder she Breeds with but I didnt get the Cattery name. they were there today too. I loved the Blue Sphynx she had and the one with Blue Eyes. I would love a all Black Sphynx but she said her Cat never has one. There was a Man on her waiting list for 2 years and she has one for him now. She said she uses Black Sire sometimes too. Dee Dee of Kickapoo I think is the Breeder she said she works with. She uses their Sires sometimes. She has a litter due in May. She showed me the other Breeders Cats too. She also said she will send Pics when they are born. She said alot of people on the waiting list want a certain sex and color so I should have one after we get a House.
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Was gonna say, the male was a black - odd that she doesn't get too many black kittens.

That's why I would tell people what colors I could expect from a breeding in case they wanted certain ones; sometimes they did
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Thy Guy wanted a Black Male. I didnt relize they come in so many Colors. She said she goes to alot of Cat Shows and she can bring the Kitten to one so I can pick it up. She can also bring it here or we can go to her place.
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I think they are as bad as the Orientals - come in every color under the sun!

Glad Oci's only have 12 color choices and half of that is just the 6 basic with silver added
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That makes it hard when there are alot of choices. The Breeder did say she will keep some for Show Cats.
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Are you waiting on a certain colour/sex or do you love them all? Also are you going to show?

At shows everyone always laughs at the entire male Sphynx's back end
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Finding the breed you like is one half of the battle, deciding on a breeder the other. Now the excruciating wait is on
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We asked for a Female but I would take a Male if there are no Females. The Kitten will have Shots and be fixed before I get it. I did tell her what Colors I prefer but I will ot be picky. I would love to Show a Cat but I may not have the time later on.
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