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My 11 month-old long haird cat, Ripley, is starting to get hairballs now. My other cats use to just hack the hairballs up and then swallow it again but Ripley throws up. Is there anything I can do, besides brushing her more often, to reduce her haiballs and her throwing up? Any help would be much appreciated. Thank-you.
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Get some Petromalt or plain butter/margarine to use once a week. And yes, combing will help - maybe do that 2-3 times a week. Brushing will not get out hte fur - use a comb.
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Quality food to improve coat and decrease some of the shedding may help as well.
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I supplement my kitty with a hairball treat daily. There are many to choose from and I use Defurr-um, which she really likes.
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