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Scared each other?

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Just a bit ago, Dusty was in the bathroom and Rusty was on a little table just outside the bathroom. Rusty jumped at a shadow or something imaginary on the wall and it apparently scared Dusty! She hissed a couple of times and ran from the bathroom! That scared Rusty and both of them came tearing across the room and under the couch all puffed up. A few minutes later, they ventured out, still all puffy. I petted both of them to make sure they were ok and checked to see if anything in the bathroom scared Dusty. There was nothing there so I figured it was when Rusty jumped..

It was sooo funny!! It is hard to believe how much they have grown in the 10 weeks we have had them! From tiny little 7 week old baby kittens to 17 week old adolescents with their own little personalities!
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they all do that at times - i think it's where the term 'scaredy cat' originated! when i see mine all poofed up, for no apparent reason i ask them why they have 'poofy tail'!
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Originally Posted by Catkiki View Post
17 week old adolescents
They're still 4 months old lovable baby kittens!
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Yes, kitties. Blossom sometimes swats at the air. I don't know if she can see what's there, but I sure can't.
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As a child I've grown up with longhaired cats, so poofy tail wasn't very noticeable to me. I find it absolutely the funniest thing ever when my girls get poofy tail. It gets HUGE. Like 3 times the size of normal. And it's always over nothing. Oh loves...
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