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Tibetan "Monks" actually Chinese PLA

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I'm Buddhist myself, but even I'm stunned to discover those Tibetan "monks" were actually Chinese People's Liberation Army soldiers.
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I'm a bit sceptical of that article, because the only "confirmations" I can find are rehashes of the same story at other exile Tibetan sites. I'm not saying it couldn't be true, but that I'll wait and see if the mainstream media, epecially from the UK, have similar reports. Photos like that mean nothing nowadays, as they can so easily be manipulated.
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I've been looking for some confirmation, too, but haven't found any.
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I was puzzled at not being able to find anything about this story, so I emailed the CFP and asked about it. This is the answer I received.

Dear Katie,

Although Gordon Thomas writes for Canada Free Press from time to time, this was not our story.

We posted it when our Polish-based reporter David Dastych sent it in. The story originated with WorldNetDaily's G2 Bulletin which only goes to G2 paid subscribers.

First Thomas sent an email accusing me of improperly "lifting" the story. Then Joseph Farah at WND requested us to remove it from our site after it was posted. Apparently the the G2Bulletin only goes out to paid subscribers.

Hope this email is helpful to you in your search.

Judi McLeod,
CFP editor

I'm not sure what to make of this. At least it explains why it is not being picked up by other news sources. We'll just have to wait and see if British Intelligence ever says it's true or not. It is listed on the WND G2Bulletin a paid subscriber site -- only the headlines of stories are printed and you have to pay to read the whole story. Of course, the Buddhist Channel already gave it to us for free!
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It's both facsinating and scary to realize how humans' actions can be monitored from outer space
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I don't know if anyone saw the story about the press tour the Chinese "orchestrated" in Lhasa? http://www.nytimes.com/2008/03/28/wo...a/28tibet.html

They have footage of Monks from the temple who managed to disrupt the tour (who were banned from talking to the media) and were yelling to the press and telling them that the Monks talking to them on the tour were actually Chinese Government officials dressed as Monks.

It's all very sad what's happening over there!
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