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Thursday DT

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Is nobody putting a DT for today? ok I will.

I have to go to the dentist this morning. I have one cavity . and I think Darrell has one too, so we're both going in at the same time. I am so tired! I just wanna go back to bed but I'm afraid of the slug! LOL

So what are you up to today?
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Feeling better, today. I was able to sleep, most of the night, only getting up once, for 1/2 hour.

I'm going shopping, for a daybed, today - the couch isn't that comfortable but I can't sleep with Bill's snoring. There's just enough room, in here, for a twin-size or daybed. I don't know why his snoring has gotten so bad, lately. No matter how I poke and prod, he won't roll over and, when he does, its just as bad.

What's really bothering me, is that he doesn't seem to mind that I've vacated our bed. He hasn't said anything and its been 4 nights, in a row.
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Yeah! I don't have my trainee today so I should be on line more for today! I have only been at work for an hour and I am ready to go home. I will be spending my day updating an important database. That will be tedious, but easy. My sister and niece will be coming to town today so I will go over tonight (before Survivor) and spend some time with them! I was able to find a birthday pressie for my hubby. The only thing he wanted was very difficult to find. He wanted a computer game called Grand Prix 4 that is not readily available in Canada. I managed to find 1 copy at Best Buy, even though their computer said it wasn't in stock. I hope my family respects his wishes this year and are low key about his birthday. My family is very into birthday celebrations, and my hubby only wants a card and a verbal "happy birthday" anything else and he isn't happy. (Except if the pressie comes from me). I figure it is his birthday and he should be able to celebrate it as he chooses, but my family (idiots) thinks that it "disrespects" them when he doesn't allow to celebrate. I once got into a horrid arguement with my dad how if he doesn't respect John's wishes the they are disrespecting him. I really don't want to get in the middle again this year.
Ok - enough venting! I hope everyone has a good day!

Cindy - has Bill been checked for sleep apnea or does he have allergies because both may contribute to the snoring.
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Being my birthday today (thanx for the greetings guys), I have been working my tush off infront of the PC as normal - it's quite strange, coz every year whilst working for other people I would take a day off on my birthday, and this year is the first year I'm actually working. It quite sad looking out of the window at all that lovely spring sunshine and having to sit here. Grrrr.

Ken is taking me out for dinner tonight (secret location), he also bought me a book of John Betjeman poems and has booked me for a luxury day's pampering in May at a country-house-hotel health spa. They do special Mums-to-be days, and I strongly suspect that by May I'll be needed it!!

Am keeping fingers WELL x-ed today as my business partner has just gone into a meeting to pick up potentially 60,000 pounds worth of business. Good thing is, as it is a government body and their financial year end is end of March, they HAVE to be invoiced by then - even if the job's only part done.

If we get that, I might just break all rules and have a glass of champagne tonight!!!

Have a nice day y'all . . . and take care
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i wondered about the sleep apnea - get him checked out Cindy.

the cats are so crazy this morning, its driving me nuts! kahu is always hyper this time of the day and i cannot relax because he gets into everything! Grrr!

i received some news about an apartment owned by a friend of mine, so jake and i are going to look on sunday - we got tired of waiting for my father in law, and this apartment has just recently become available - so i guess everything happens for a reason! and the owner is penkas new mum so i will be able to see her more often! yippee! so think good thoughts for us! LOL

I hope everyone has a great day and pray that i have a calm day with those darn cats LOL
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Yola, consider my fingers crossed for you as well! That would be fantastic!

Cindy, I second the motion that Bill get tested for sleep apnea. My dad was a horrific snorer (I remember one time as a kid thinking there was a truck backing up into our house, it was just dad snoring!), and he was finally diagnosed w/sleep apnea. There are treatments out there that can help.

As for me, I am shuttling back and forth between working on my laptop in my office, whilst petting 10 kitties, and sneaking in the computer room to check email and post on here, whilst being accosted for scritchies by the new guy. His name is still Sparkey, I think I will wait til the BF gets home next week to make a decision on the name.
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It is snowing!!!It is going to be 2 to 4 inch,then up to 40 tommorrow thats New York for you.Going out to buy cat food later today.YA Not much else going on today.Ted is at a job fair today,hopeful he will get some lead's on a job today!My finger's are crossed!! Everyone have a good day!
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I have to make some bracelets!! yea people are actually buying stuff :LOL: and other then that i don't have too much today
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Yola, I think 2003 will go down in your books as being your year of making dreams come true!!! You go girl!

Ady, I totally understand where your husband is coming from. I really don't like my birthday and try to keep it as low key as possible. It's unfortunate when other people (no matter how well meaning they are) will not accept the wishes of others.

Tamme, have fun at the dentist!!

And can you believe this?? Toronto is actually going to have a warm weekend this time!!!! Woohooo! We're suppose to go up to +10C (50F)and stay on the warmer side going into next week. Up to now, we have been in the negatives.

The only problem from the warm weather will be major flooding because of all the snow. This is the first time I'm in a house, so I really hope we don't get a leaky basement!! Ick!

Have a great day everyone !!!

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Working, as usual. Spending too much time getting caught up here, as usual. I've got a sinus headache this morning, not too bad just pressure. Just enough to irritate me and make me uncomfortable.

Yola, crossing my fingers for you too! My friend's Dr. told her that a small drink of alcohol every once in a while isn't bad while pregnant. So go ahead and celebrate WHEN you land that contract!

Cindy, perhaps Bill isn't saying anything because he doesn't want you to feel obligated to stay in bed when his snoring is keeping you awake. He's so considerate of you with everything else, that was my first thought about it.
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I don't think that its sleep apnea - I've had experience with that. He DOES have asthma and emphysema. He's been on his current meds, since last summer and was reporting some improvement.

He needs to see the doctor, again and check into the new one-pill-a-day meds. Short of dragging him, by the hair, kicking and screaming, I can't get him there. It took me a year, to get him to go, in the first place.

I don't know - maybe he just doesn't care. I'm so tired and frustrated, I can hardly think straight.
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Hey everybody! I didn't fall off the face of the earth! I've been so busy lately that I haven't been able to stop in. I've been working on the book, busy at work, and spending time at Cat Welfare every weekend, and I've been sick to top it all off. I can't complain, at least I'm nor bored!
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cindy - sorry to hear about the snoring problem. duane snores, too, but he gets up and sleeps in another room because he doesn't want to keep me up. i have heard somewhere that caffeine intake can affect snoring, as well as weight. i hope you can work something out because i know lack of sleep can drive a bit of a wedge in a relationship. (((hugs)))

nothing much here today. sinus headaches are going around the office here and they were sweet enough to share with me. :tounge2: other than that, i am ordering right and left for my boss since our fiscal year is about up.

sherral - good luck to ted on the job!

kass - hope you enjoy the warm. it feels cool, but spring-like here. i love it!

kellye - keeping my fingers crossed for you about the apartment.

hope you all have a good day!
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Happy birthday, Yola!!

i wish you happy dining this evening (sounds ROMANTIC!!) BIG SMILES!!

i wanted to drive my hubby to work and run some other errands, but changed my mind....

Do you know that the gas prices has gone up really high around here?? One gas station in San Diego is charging $4.29 per gallon??!?!?!?

i don't agree with that kind of business ethic, to be honest.

It is really sunny outside now. The meowmies outside the backyard woke me up this morning. They were demanding their foods!

i guess i will just check stock prices, surf the net, check emails, do more household chores today.

i guess i am one of the few who vacuums on a DAILY basis! Hehe..!! The kitty toilet area (they have their own rug and mat and stuff) needs vacuuming every time i go scoop-scoop, which means 3-4 times a day (don't worry, i don't hull a big ole vacuum for that kinda job, just a hand-vac!)

Actually, i enjoy cleaning!

i should go take a walk at the beach, huh?

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OK - so we came away with 42K instead of the 60K I was hoping for. But hey - not too bad for an afternoon's work. Yup - 2003 looks to be heading for being a good year I have to agree.

Best thing is about right now - and if you don't have it yet I'm sure you will; is that spring is coming. The air smells different and leaves, bud and flowers are beginning to show.

Best time of the year methinks. I'm going to go and wash my hair and get ready to go to dinner now.
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Yola! Happy Birthday!!!! (haven't seen if there is a thread yet...on my way there after this)

Just got back from taking the boys to the movies. Went to see Jungle Book 2. I cried.....they didn't. What a wuss I am. *shaking head* I don't get it. It WAS sad....you know, Mowgli says goodbye to his buddies and heads back to the man village and everyone is sad.....including me. *sigh* okay....guess I have to get out more.

I am pressed for time right now and can't read everything here. Sooooo sorry. But, I'll try later.

This March break vacation is not that restful.......busy, busy, busy.......

Talk later!

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Yeah - I made it all day without going home with my headache! And hubby doesn't feel like cooking so it is Chinese takeout tonight !
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