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Daily Thread for Saturday 03/29/08

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Morning All!!!!

Sunny but a bit on the chilly side here this morning...It is however suppose to warm up by tomorrow to a balmy 3 degrees...

Same old Same old for me heading off to work shortly. Finishing up the month end stuff and doing some purchase orders today. Hopefully be done by 4 and then just heading home.

Might grab a movie for tonight not sure.

Having left-over pea soup for dinner and garlic bread.

Kitties are good today tearing around the house like banshees. We had a drapes incident this morning..No doubt it was Linus but he's trying to look innocent..

Everyone have a good day
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There is some St. Patrick's Day parade happening nearby today. I may go and check it out...

otherwise chores...
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I am working 3-8:30 today. I don't think I am doing anything after work today since I have to work all day tomorrow.
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Started my day at 04:15, in Jarrell, TX. I spent the night there on the way back from Laredo with a load of Mattel Toys.

Got in about 7:30, did my end-of-run duties, and headed home. Woke up Dottie, had breakfast, and then we went a little ways south of Fort Worth for the wedding of one of the other teachers at the trucking school where Dottie works. It was a little cool for an outdoor wedding, but we toughed it out.

We came home and moved the old washer and dryer out of our laundry room. New ones are supposed to be delivered tomorrow, and we're giving the old ones to another lady who teaches at Dottie's school.

And I have jury duty Tuesday.
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