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i broke my left ankle. it happened when i went horse riding! as am disabled, i was supposed to have a person either side of the horse, that day i only had one person, & that was on the right side. also, i had a completely different horse, once he started to trot, that was it! i fell off the left side, & my left ankle was stuck in the stirrup!

ouch! i'd never been in sooo much pain before LOL! since then, i havn't gone horse riding again.
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Yes, cheylink, they finally put him in jail for a few weeks, then I had him committed to a mental institution since it was the only way I could keep him away from me long enough to get a restraining order to keep him away from me legally and for at least 90 days. I also still have post traumatic stress disorder from all the things he did to me. That was not even the worst.I just hope I never run in to him again.
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3 kidney stones 2 passed,3rd have to have it lasered,in April
all the toes broken,when a 50 pound table fell over and slamed down on my foot!
That was the only broken bones I have had.
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I going to go backwards in life to too what I can remember.

Last April (the 24th) is when we were picking stomes for our fence and the LAST ONE came down on the tip of my left ring finger smashing it like a grape. I got my wedding ring cut off and none stitches. To this day that part of my finger is thicker and I still have not regained all nerve regeneration.

When tearing down our two stall garage I stepped on a board with a rather substantial nail. Pull it out of my foot and shoe, cleaned it wrapped it up and continued our work. Needless to say the next day it was a tad bit painfull. I stepped on a nail wne Iwas a kid too.

Stepped over a small pile of lumber in garage and broke a bone in my foot-Neil of course didn't believe me until the docs at the ER showed him the xray.

Two auto accidents-one I was rear ended and had 6 wks of PT. The earlier one a van ran a stop sign and due to the angle of the intersection smashed into the front of our car-this was in 1988 and we had $7000 of damage. No injuries-slight whiplash and brusing from the seatbelts. Our groceries in the trunk were not so lucky.....

Around winter of 96 or 97 I got cat food out of the bin in the gargage and the concrete floor there was a bit smooth and I didn't have shoes on and bent my big toe on my right foot underneath. A couple of years later I had (and still have) limited flexibility in my big toe and pain so I had bone spurs removed between my big toe and the next one. The incision got infected and now I have much scar tissue so lets just say 3" heels or taller aren't a reality until I decide to get a joint replacement.

I've had many wasp stings in my life, and small scars from random childhood accidents.
The worse is 17 stitches on my right leg due to gashing it to the bone while swimming.
A dandy scar too (mom said the doc who stitched me up had been drinking earlier that day)

Severely sprained my right ankle as a senior in high school playing basketball and jammed a finger too. Also severe hamstring pull from cheerleading in college.

ok I'll stop now!!
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Originally Posted by xLaydeexTaniax View Post
went horse riding!
There's been a couple horse riding incidents here. When I was about 13 me and a best friend went horseback riding at her grandmother's farm. There was a gunshot in the woods that spooked her horse. It bucked and tried to throw her off but her foot was stick in the stirrup. She was drug by the horse til it eventually fell on her crushing her shoulder. She had to have it totally rebuilt and missed a whole school year because of it. Lucky Dog No, I'm just kidding.

She got right back in that saddle when she was allowed though.
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Originally Posted by GailC View Post
I going to go backwards in life to too what I can remember.

ok I'll stop now!!
Wow! You have one heck of a memory!!!! You reminded of the time I stepped on a nail at the beach and had to go get my tetanus when I was about 10 years old. I had completely forgotten about it.

Jeez thanks a lot - LOL - just kidding.

And I was stung by a bee once when my parents were on vacation on Israel. My neighbor was watching us and of course we found out I was allergic. Isnt that always the way? The one and only time I would ever get stung was a time my parents were thousands of miles away - and then to have a reaction. Ha!
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Originally Posted by kluchetta View Post
Wow! I havent really had any injuries. I've had a Cesarean, and two cataract operations, and a peri-acetabular osteotomy (surgically broken pelvis) and a hip resurfacing, though! LOL. My son broke his femur snowboarding though! That was REALLY scary.
The only operations I've had are 4 c-sections... Hopefully that's my quota And I agree... of any of my "inflictions" even the time I woke up in the ER with the doctor asking my husband if I was an organ donor, none of them are as memorable as the things my children have gone through, even the little fat lips. LOL. I guess that's a perk to being a parent, huh?
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Broke a small bone in my foot

Tore a ligament in my arm which i had to have physiotherapy and ultrasound on because calcium deposits had formed because i left it for 3 weeks before dragging myself to the doctor in agony
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my worst injury happened in 2001.. i had a wisdom tooth extracted and now i have lingual nerve damage.
id rather give birth than deal with this.its horrible unrelenting mouth pain that doctors including dentists dont know how to cure or treat for the most tongue and gum is still numb..
i get electric like shocks in my tongue where its numb and it feels like i have a clamp on my jaw..i joined the cat site here to keep myself from visiting the nerve damage site all the time..
i had stitches more than once and sprained my ankle 2 times, those were nothing compared to nerve damage in my mouth.
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oh gosh, i guess the worst was playing baseball with my mom and sisters. I got hit in the face with the ball and it knocked out 4 teeth, broke my nose in two places, and i had to have 14 stitches in my lips and a very sore tounge.

i have also had
my last three fingers on my right hand broken (no explanation)
my thumb on my right hand broken (drunken slap-boxing a friend)
my left foot broken (dropped a maglight on it)
my nose broken about 6 other times (various reasons)
my big toes broken (no explanation)
my tailbone cracked (jumped out of swing on a rock)
both knees messed up (knocked off bleachers at basketball practice)
a stick the size of a pencil ran into the top of my right foot (running barefoot)
concusion twice (car wreck and fight in school)
right collar bone cracked (another car wreck)
apendix surgery (spent 28 days in the hospital because of gangrene in my stonach cavity)
my pinkytoe on my left foot broken (kicked the fireplace edge on accident)
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i've never broken any bones which is amazing since i'm klutz #1
about 10 years ago i had a filling fall out. i put off making a dentist appt. for about a week. one side of my face started to swell up and hurt really bad. i went to the emergency room and they gave me a shot of antibiotics and some pills.that was on a sunday. by wednesday it was still swollen so my DH took me back to the hospital and they hooked me up on antibiotics and morphin for about 3 hrs and send me home. by saturday i was back in the hospital in surgery. they made a cut on the bottom of my jawbone to drain the infection. if it would've went in the bloodstream and hit the brain that would've been the end. i lost 12 pounds in 2 weeks since all i could eat was whatever i could suck through a straw.
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Worst injury I ever have had would be when I was 2 I was in a car accident and the seat belt went though underneath my jaw chipping my jaw, through my tongue and out the other side. The seat belt severed mutliple nerves in my jaw and the lingal never (tongue) so I have problems tasting food and smelling things.
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hmmm there have been a few. But tops on my list would be getting ran over by a car when I was 4 years old and then much later, as an adult, rupturing an achilles tendon.
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I've been fairly lucky - I did smash in both of my front teeth on a concrete slab when I was 2 (hint: never run in welly-boots). I also fell about 25 feet when I was nine and landed on my chest. Fortunately all I did was knock the wind out of myself.

That's been about it. I have bumped and scraped and severely bruised just about everything... but usually I come out of the other side more or less in one piece. I've never broken anything either - except maybe a few rules.
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When I was in high school I was a ballet dancer. In a final dress rehearsal, I came out of a leap and collided with another dancer who was in the wrong place. I landed wrong on the box of my pointe shoes and cracked the bones my foot in 13 places and ripped out a bunch of connective tissue. It effectively ended my dance career.
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I have dislocated both knees at the same time while skiing. I had to be airlifted off the hill.

After that I continue to diclocate them at will along with my right shoulder and left hip. Doctor says if I continue to injure myself I will have to have surgery.
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I broke my right foot in 4 places when I was about 12.

I was doing the running long jump in bare feet, and I landed with my toes curled in. It KILLED!
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Right now, I have insertional Achilles tendonitis
I burn myself quite regularly (2nd degree)
I have broken my leg playing soccer
broke my foot learning freestyle fighting
broke my hand playing inline hockey
skinned my elbow to the bone
almost bit my tongue in two because of a fall
cut my hand with pruning tools two seperate times, one with stiches, one was deep enough for stitches, but ragged enough that it couldn't be stitched.

The most traumatic injury that I have ever experienced was not an injury to myself. I was a bicycle tour guide in Alaska and I watched a woman in front of me slowly lose control of her bicycle and fall face first sliding down a guardrail (on her face). To make a long story short, when she sat up (out of shock) she had cut her face open from her chin to her ear and it just kind of fell open. There was blood everywhere. I was the first responder, but the reason it was so traumatic was that I was watching it happen and I felt so powerless to do anything to stop it.
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Growing up i was one of the luckiest kids. i never had a broken bone or any stitches. with in the last few years i havent been as lucky... first i broke my pinkie finger on my left hand from popping this dude in the face. then i fell down the stairs in my bfs house when i woke up one morning. i slipped on one of the top steps & flew all the way down, landing on the third step from the bottom right on my back. nothing was medically wrong with it but it hurt for about 3 years after that. just as it starts to get better, only hurting when im at work on my feet for 8 hrs, i get hit by a SUV (jan 21 of this yr) while crossing the highway out front of my house. i flew 75 ft, fractured my skull in 3 places, had swelling of the brain, fluid around the brain, fractured my pelvis in 2. the impact of the bumper on my thigh broke my femur bone in 3 places, i also ripped open my hand. was put into a medically induced coma, as they couldnt do the surgery to repair my leg until 5 days after the accident, due to my vital signs being too high. i had bruising on the front part of my brain from it bouncing inside my head when the back of it hit the concrete. during surgery i had a titanium rod & 4 screws inserted into my leg to fix the breaks. there were 4 suture areas on my leg, all but 1 containing at least 10 staples. the last spot had 4 staples. now im out of the hospital, im out of work. ive just begun to walk again, since my surgeon said my bone is healing well. i now have to wear a bone stimulator, which sends eletric impulses to the breaking sites of my leg, to help it heal faster. i have to go to Physical therapy twice a week, mainly to work my knee into bending fully. from wearing a knee immobilizer for a month, not able to bend my knee til the staples were taken out (which is more painful than they let on), i couldnt bend my knee at all after i was allowed to take the immobilizer off. now while in therapy we measured my knee to bend as far as 80 degrees so far. now were working on making it bend the way it used to. im lucky im still alive. they told my bf while i was in a coma that my situation was life or death. they also told him & his family that in all the years theyve been working in the medical feild, they had never seen anyone with my kind of injuries survive. & im here, back to normal (almost). when i was in the hospital rehab, i saw so many ppl who couldnt talk, couldnt walk, they had parts of their brain missing. it really made me all the more thankful that im alive. this experience has also made me realize how much i took walking for granted. now that i can walk again, i thank god EVERYDAY, bc im just about the same as i was, just right now i have a limp bc of the pain im still in. i also thank my late Mom-Mom, for being there for me & bringing me back, ever since she passed i believed that she was my guardian angel, & to me, this whole accident proved that to me, i believed she saved me from my worst fear:death.
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Originally Posted by Marianjela View Post
She got right back in that saddle when she was allowed though.
she's done better than me then!

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Originally Posted by Sibohan2005 View Post
I have dislocated both knees at the same time while skiing. I had to be airlifted off the hill.

After that I continue to diclocate them at will along with my right shoulder and left hip. Doctor says if I continue to injure myself I will have to have surgery.
I missed this the other day (wasn't home), but have you been checked for joint hypermobility syndrome or even the more serious form ehlers-danlos? It can be simply be inconveniencing dislocating joints that will lead to surgery and/or early arthritis or if it effects enough, such as organs and blood vessels, - there can be other serious health problems associated with it.

I have some hypermobility, it's lead to a lot of ankle problems and if I'm not careful I can sublax my hips and shoulders just from trying to roll over in bed. In fact I did so the other night and had to pop my hip back in to place. Not fun!
One of the problems linked to JHS is forms of dysautonomia, one of which I have been diagnosed with (NCS), the other POTS (postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome) - I strongly suspect I have.

As a result I fall all the time. It wasn't a serious fall, but back in Janurary (19th, 10:43am to be exact) I got up too quickly (cats were getting into something in the living room) and took a hard fall in the living room near the china cabinet. It was very disturbing laying there unable to move or see yet and hearing the cabinet rock back and forth near me. Traumatizing enough I finally went to the doctor over it.

As for hypermobility, there's nothing to really do for it but strengthen up the ligaments, learn how to or how not to move, and bracing.
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I haven't really had any traumatic injuries. The only injury that comes close enough to "traumatic" is when I hurt my right knee.

It was a few years ago and I was in grade seven or eight. It was winter time, and some friends and I were walking under this bridge. We saw a car driving towards us - I don't remember who we thought was in the car - but we started running. I ran over a snow bank which I thought was hardened, but apparently it wasn't because I stepped on a soft part and my right leg fell into about two feet of snow/ice. Since I was running when my leg went into the snow, my whole body kept on going forward but my leg was stuck. I don't know how to describe how it happened, really, but it felt like my right leg (below the knee) was ripped from the rest of my body. It REALLY HURT! I remember yelling, "I broke my leg!"

It doesn't look all that bad, but man, I could barely walk! The next day at school we had to do some sort of dance where we had to kick in the air a lot. My teacher was kind of a bag and made me dance even though my leg was messed up.

About a year after that happened, I was at the doctor for a completely different reason and mentioned my knee. It turns out I tore some cartilage in my knee, among other things. I regret not going to the doctor until a year after it happened, because my knee still bothers me some days.
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Originally Posted by Moz View Post

ouch! look's sore.
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I've never broken a bone either. I've had stitches twice-- once in my head (2-3 stitches when I fell of a bicycle) and once in my hand (9 stitches from a dog bite.) I've sprained my ankle several times and also my wrist, a finger, and an elbow (which we thought was broken when I went to the ER.)

The dog bite was probably the worst as I still have scars. I was bitten by a Golden Retriever (stray). He grabbed my hand and held on, luckily he didn't shake me and I didn't try to pull away but instead stood perfectly still until he let go, so I did not get any nasty tearing injuries-- just nice neat puncture wounds on both sides of my hand, 8 of them. I still have scars on both sides of my hand but they have faded a lot, it was about 10 years ago.
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Wow! we are a bunch of tough people and survivors! Even injuries that don't seem so bad at the time can hurt like a **tch, even much later. Here's many vibes that we will all be ok, and those of you that have never had a serious injury never have one!
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