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Fav parfumes/colognes

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so what are some of your favorite parfumes and/or colognes? I like so many but here are some of my favs.

light blue (Dolce and Gabbana)
euphoria (Ck)
Jadore (Dior)
Armani code
Donna Karan be delicious
Heavenly (Vic Secret)
cool water
envy me

Some of my favs for men are:

armani mania
reaction (kenneth cole)
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I love fragrances. Flowery ones tend to give me a severe headache, so I tend to stick with more spicey undertones. I'm lucky that my body chemistry allows me to wear pretty much any fragrance.

Sexual Perfume for Women by Michel Germain
- I didn't like this one when I first smelled it. To be honest when I first smelled the fragrance card it smelled like gasoline! After about 40 minutes of sampling all kinds of fragrances on sample cards, and going back to smell each one periodically, I settled on one that I really really loved! Surprise! It was the one that initially smelled like gasoline! LOL Turns out that note in the fragrance vanishes very quickly and the perfume is one of my favourites.

Raffinee Perfume by Dana
- I've always loved this perfume. It's hard to find now so I have to buy it at specialty fragrance shops. But it's worth it! It has a nice spicey/cinnamon scent that is not over powering.

Poison Perfume by Christian Dior
- I love this perfume on me. However, I've smelled this fragrance on some women and it really smelled like gerbil shavings on them. That was my introduction to the perfume actually. I used to work in an office and the boss's daughter used to come in and help out occasionally. She always smelled like gerbil shavings. One day I asked her casually about the scent she was wearing in my attempt to get her to notice that she smells like her gerbils. Turns out that it was "Poison" perfume. It really stunk on her.

FEMINITE DU BOIS perfume by Shiseido
- Probably my favourite next to Raffinee. It has a nice spicey/cedar /orange blossom fragrance. It's hard to find and I have to buy it at specialty fragrance shops or have it ordered in special.

I also can't stand when someone puts so much on that you smell them before they even arrive and for hours after they have left. A fragrance is supposed to be subtle and not meant as an announcement. It's meant to be smelled within your "personal space", which means someone has to lean in a bit closer to you to smell it. Outside your personal space it shouldn't be noticable.

Many don't know this, but the proper way to apply a fragrance is to spay it in the air and walk through it. That's all you need and all you should wear. Too much is over powering and down right nauseating to people in the area.
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Nce! i am lucky too cuz i can wear pretty much any parfume. i tend to have a variety of scents too. its funny but i wear diff ones depending on my mood.
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My all time favorite is "Amazing Grace" by Philosophy
Clinique's "Happy"
Benefit's "Maybe Baby"
Bobbie Brown's "Beach"
Aquolina's "Pink Sugar"
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Spring Fever by Origins. I can't afford to buy it -- but the samples are so good they make me dizzy!
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There are a lot of perfumes I like on other people, but the minute I put it on myself - instant headache.

Right now I have BEAUTIFUL on my dressing table, but I only use it on reserved occasions.
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I can't stand most of them... only one I've tried really works well with my body chemistry... I don't wear perfume much (read: rarely), so it's lasted ages now...

it is Chopard Casmir. not cheap stuff, but nice scent to it...

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I have worn Coco Chanel for years and its been my all time favorite scents, but about 2 months ago, I bought some Armani Code and LOVE it. I have never found a scent I favored over Coco, but Armani Code is now tied with Coco.
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I love floral perfumes, but i can only wear them in winter, as soon as it gets warmer it makes me smell like vomit.

i also love Cinema by YvesSaintLaurant
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Ok, going to stick with the men's fragrances that work well with me and I like:

-Marc Jacobs (my fav)
-Gravity (probably works the best for my body chemistry)
-Contradiction (too bad I can't find it anymore, great spring/ summer fragrance for my body chemistry)
-Kenneth Cole
-Kenneth Cole Black
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My favourite perfume and pretty much the one that I wear everyday is Chanel's Coco Mademoiselle.
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I like

Sweet Darling by Kylie Minogue That has a lovely soft sent

And also Charlie red. think thats by Revlon.
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I wear BEAUTIFUL , Estee Lauder, a little pricey, but well worth it!!
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Versace - Bright Crystal is my current scent. I purposely chose something that I knew no one else close to me wore. My sister-in-law is a bit put off because now she can't wear it (my husband would no longer find it appealing on me, if he associates it with his sister, lol).
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Originally Posted by flisssweetpea View Post
My favourite perfume and pretty much the one that I wear everyday is Chanel's Coco Mademoiselle.
I love that, I wish I could afford it Everytime I go to Macy's, I'm sure to get a sample

My favorites are Victorias Secret body sprays- Love Spell & Endless Love
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Originally Posted by Pami View Post
I have worn Coco Chanel for years and its been my all time favorite scents, but about 2 months ago, I bought some Armani Code and LOVE it. I have never found a scent I favored over Coco, but Armani Code is now tied with Coco.
I've worn Coco since it came out in the late '80's. It's my absolute favorite, and I still get comments on it. Once in a while I will wear Boucheron. I loved the smell of Coco Madamoselle, but it seems to give me a rash wherever it comes in contact with my skin....I wore it last week (it's such a nice spring smell) and now the bottle is stuffed in my dresser drawer, so I won't put it on again and get another rash. I need to toss it, so I'm not tempted.

I tend to prefer the spicy scents, and dislike most floral scents.

The scent I love on men is Chanel's Antaeus. Oh yummmmm!
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The ones i have at the moment are............














You can never have too much perfume
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Ralph--by Ralph Lauren

Bright Crystal--Versace
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I wear Lolita Lempicka because it has light/sweet top notes, but smells like skin underneath. Its not too cloying. However I only wear it for dates.
The rest of the time I use the Lush solid massage bar Soft Coeur- if they ever make a perfume of that I'm buying their entire stock
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I love Obssesion, both in male and female. Just the scent of a guy wearing Obsession is enough to make me melt
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My fav's are:


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I hardly ever wear any.. I like Anna Sui - Sui Dreams & Gucci Envy.
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Chanel No. 5 perfume. Expensive, so I rarely use it unless I've got a formal event to attend.
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DKNY Black Cashmere
Cartier Black Panther
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My all time favorite has to be Happy, by Clinique!!!

I think that is really the only perfume I have worn for the last, oh, 5 yrs!!!
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I am a total Bath and Body works girl...

Some of my favs are

Midnight Pomegranite
Irresistable Apple
Coco Cobana
Enchanted Orchid
Tahitian Sweetie
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I have strange body chemistry, just like my mother did. My body "eats" fragrance, so I really can only get a nice subtle fragrance from spicy scents that usually overwhelm many others. Or really expensive fragrances.

I have loved Poison since it came out. (I was lucky enough to know someone who was spoiled rotten in college, she had Poison and didn't like it, so she sold it to be for like $20! )

Versace's Red Jeans

Crabtree & Evelyn's Patchouli. The only problem with this is that a lot of the hippies who don't bathe use this scent to cover up their BO, which doesn't work. This happens mainly in Boulder, but still...it's enough that I don't wear it as much as I'd like to.

The Vanilla and Apricot perfume that Eddie gave me for Secret Santa exchange 2 years ago. I LOVE that stuff!!! The only problem is that it makes me hungry all day!
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Far Away by Avon
Night Magic by Avon
Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds
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I am one of those with funky body chemistry that reacts badly with perfumes so I have a hard time with it!

But there is one brand that I love and it smells good on me - Lacoste.

Right now I have their Inspiration perfume.
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I like Be...Tempting by Avon, as well as Crystal Aura. I need to order some one of these days.
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