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Help!!! Very Aggressive Cat

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I posted a few days ago about a stray cat that we took in, he was very loveable at first but he has a really mean streak. I got him neutered and he did not take to it very well (read post:what is going on?)
He was spraying and very mean to me , he is better in that aspect.
I spent 80 bucks at the pet store for feliaway diffuser, calming spray, catnip, stop marking spray and enzyme stuff to clean up the stench.
Well the disffuser has not worked as far as he is concerned. He is taking turns beating up on my females, the really hate him right now.Lots of hissing and scratching going on. I have a cat who under stress gets sick. she has feline herpes.
I was considering getting rid of him...but...I feel bad,I want to give him a chance. He will not get adopted,to many out there. Kitten season...I am hoping his hormones and outdoor survival mode is still going on. In other words he might just need time. BUT again he is really hurting my girls.
What can I do?
I tried secluding him..makes him more pissed off.
How about asking the vet for something to calm him down a little..I do not want to dope him up but I noticed my other males are starting to get a little more aggessive.
Any suggestions? Getting rid of him will be a last resort..I love a challenge!
Please I will try anything right now..got a female hiding behind the couch!
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How long have you had him and how long has it been since he was fixed? The hormones take some time to fade. It could be that he just needs some more time. Plus, from his perspective, he was the king of his world. Now suddenly, someone else is deciding what happens to him and there are other males to compete with and females to compete for. Basically, he's doing his job. Maybe he needs a new outlet. I make up challenges for my kitties to distract them when they're cranky. I wrote about one on my blog: http://howtoholdacat.blogspot.com/20...e-to-cats.html Maybe something like that would help him.
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You should try and find a safe place (room?) for the female cat when you're not around to referee because you don't want her sick on top of everything, whatever happens with the new one.
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I agree with Jennifer - how long has it been since you brought him inside? If it's only been a week or so, he needs to be separated in his own room. "New cat" introductions go SO MUCH better if done slowly. Cats are VERY territorial animals, and learning to share their space is not necessarily something that comes easily to all of them. Also, they've got to sort how the pecking order - and I think his aggressiveness is due to his being "new cat in the territory."

Also, in any home with more than three cats there are going to be issues. Some people get lucky and have really mellow cats - but if he's been with you a pretty short period of time, I'd consider just starting over and confining him to just one room and going through a slow period of introduction.

If you can go so far as to put a screen door on that room temporarily, that will really help. Then they can see and smell each other, but not actually interact. Wipe each of the girls down with a rag or towel (best if no dryer sheets or anything were used when washing them). Put one of those under his food dish. Then at as regular as possible times during the day, put treats down for him - I don't know how many girls you have, but if, for example, it's three - then scent of girl "A" is under his food dish. At 8:00am, put treats down for him on towel scented like girl "B." At 8:00pm put treats down for him on towel scented like girl "C". The idea is to get him associating the girls with "good things." I'd do the same thing for all your cats - wipe him down with as many rags as you have cats, and put treats down for all of them at the same time every day for them on the rags that smell like him.

Whether or not you're able to separate him, giving him alone play time (we use the bedroom and close the door) twice a day for 15 minutes or so will help direct his stress energy of being in a new place and in other cats' territory.

I'd consider adding Rescue Remedy Flower Essences to his water (wouldn't hurt for all the kitties if you don't separate him). They're available lots of places, but I got them here: http://www.catfaeries.com.

Let us know whether or not you're going to separate him - where I go from here depends upon whether or not you're going to start over with the intros or not.

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By your signature you have a lot of cats. You will have issues with that many cats- this is just how it is. I wouldn't advise rescuing any more any time soon either unless you have other areas outside where they can go to escape safely like a cat enclosure.

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