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She went to Heaven today

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As the title says, I put Bobber down today It was her time and I am truely confident in that.

I do think she was starting to get really uncomforetable and she didn't need to deal with it anymore. Her breathing at times would get sorta bad, not panting, but last night she started breathing so deep she was using the front part of her chest. When I tried to give her her meds Wed night, she did pant bc it got too intense for her. I did not give her her meds last night or this morning since I knew she was going to be put down, she didn't need to be messed with. I would have given them to her if I felt she needed them, but she was acting the same as she had when she was on them.

We did do another blood check before I put her down, some of the numbers got better but some got worse, a bit worse. I do think she had some fight left in her, I think she would have faught it til the second she passed, if she would have gone on her own, she was one of those very strong determined fighters, but she didn't need to suffer through all the extra rough things that were to come. I am ok with this, I feel relieved knowing she isn't in pain. It was scheduled for 5 today but I brought her in early bc she didn't need to continue going through what she was going through.

I just really want you all to know that I know it was her time, she wouldn't have made it through this. I know deep down in my heart that is true and the vets agreed. I was hanging on to any hope that was there, but reality hit me and I knew, it was her time.

Thanks everyone soooo much! We really appreciate your help and kindness!!!

I started this as a new thread just so everyone knew it happened. If it needs to be joined with my other thread that is fine.
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I did stay with her while it happened. She went so quick and handled it very well. She is having a private cremation and I am getting her ashes back probably Monday I think. The Humane Society already picked her up. I had made a blanket in highschool and it was her favorite blanket, she spent many many days napping on it and I had it with her these past few weeks, I got that cremated with her.
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So sorry about your Cat. I am here for you if you ever need to talk.
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RIP Bobber

I am so sorry for your loss. I have been following your posts in the health section. Bobber is no longer sick and her spirit is free from her physical body.

My thoughts and prayers are with you
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I have my Cats Ashes too. The Vet sent Nice cards with the Rainbow Bridge Poem too. I wasnt in the Room when Yoshi was Pts Jan 11. We did say goodbye in the Office though. I Cried on Coco. We got Yoshis fur in a bag and Stormys. I tried everything with Yoshi but nothing helped.
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I'm so sorry for your loss. Rest in peace sweet Bobber.
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Rest in Peace Bobber
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I've been following your other thread as well. I'm so sorry for your loss, but what you said is so true.

Our little animal family members rely on us to recognize when it's time, and when the pain is too much. I believe you absolutely did the right thing.

She's at peace now - no more pain - and you loved her and gave her a wonderful home and wonderful, loving care.

You, yourself, can find peace in that.

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I am so sorry about Bobber. I know you tried everything you could and really had hope for as long as possible. You were a dedicated, loving mom to her - she was a lucky kitty.

I'm glad you stayed with Bobber as she passed - it must have been very comforting to her to have you there.
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I am very sorry for your loss. Rest in Peace Bobber...
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*gentle hugs*
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I am so sorry. I know how difficult this decision must have been for you. You know in your heart that you've done your very best for Bobber, and every thing you've done has been because of your love for her. I will say a prayer for sweet Bobber's little soul and a prayer for you to find peace in this difficult time.
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I'm so very sorry for your loss.
I'm glad that you were able to stay with her until the end.
You loved Bobber very much, and she loved you, all of that is clear from your other thread.

She's not sick any more, she's healthy and over the bridge playing happily with all the other TCS kitties that have gone before her.
She's watching over you, just like our RB kitties are watching over us

Rest In Peace, Bobber
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kudos for you for knowing that the time was right for Bobber to go to where she's happy & healthy once more. for you to help you thru your grief at her departure - you're so strong for staying with her thru all of this, even to the very end... & putting her needs ahead of your desires [because i know you really would've liked to keep her around!] Bobber - run & play like the kitten at heart you are once more!
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I'm so sorry about Bobbers. We were all hoping she'd get better.

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I am so sorry about Bobber! RIP sweet angel!
cremating the blanket was very thoughtfull
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Im so sorry for you loss! Its so hard... She's happy and healthy now, and can run and play as she once did.

RIP Bobber
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RIP sweet bobber. play happily over the bridge.
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I'm really sorry to hear about Bobber, but I know you gave her the extra chance many would not have, so you should be comfortable in your decision, no matter how uncomfortable you are with the loss of your beloved cat.
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I'm so sorry to hear about Bobber. It's so hard to say good bye, may her memories live forever in your heart
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Thank you so much for your thoughtful words!! I did break into tears reading all the posts and started balling reading the poem.

I am holding up alright, the cats are doing well too.

Bobbers had some kittens quite a few years ago that did not make it and I know she is reuinted with her babies, that brings me so much joy!

RIP my sweet sweet girl.

The difference between life and death is the acknowledgement of living. Living is carried out through the rememberance of life.

She will be forever in our hearts
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What a painful decision you had to make, I am so sorry!!

Your sweet Bobber is now enjoying life, being free of pain.
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