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2 days ago my husband got me a new puppy. hes a red toy poodle. hes 8 weeks old and just a sweet little boy.

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Awww...what a cutie...
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Awww, he's adorable!
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Cute pup - but poodles are not my fav dog
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Oooooh no you need to share your life with a poodle before you say that!! Honestly - we never liked them and then we babysat two for a weekend once. Well - we were hooked - completely and utterly. They are awesome dogs!
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My uncle had two standard poodles that were trained for hunting. Very bright and fun dogs.
My mother got a minature poodle when I was in college. The first night I came home, it jumped on my bed and peed. That was the high point of our relationship. But he made my parents happy.
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Awwww!! I had a poodle when I was growing up and she was the BEST dog ever! My mom did daycare out of our home & she was the most patient, loving dog She lived to be just over 10 years old

Your new puppy is adorable, remember to share pictures with us often
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Ahhh very cute!!! My grandmother had a red toy poodle when I was a kid. She was her baby! Congratulations!
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AWWW!!! He is so pretty!!!
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