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Please help  

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can anyone remember reading a thread about a cat who lost all use of his back legs,althouigh still have some feeling in them.
My cat was rushed to the vets this morning as she lost the use of her back legs,and the vets havent a clue what maybe wrong.
They suggested brain damage,and are currently treating her on a high dose of steriods,but it really doesent look good.
I thought i read a post here with similar symptons,and wanted to read it again as i cant remeber if the cat was diagnosed with anything,that i could suggest to the vet.

Please read BACK AGAIN in health and nutrition as this maybe connected

Please also send vibes too my baby again.
Thank you
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My Manx had that happen and lived like that for 2 years after. Stokes or Blood Clots can cause it. My Cat had Epilepsy anhad a seizure before it happened.
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Yes, it could be a blood clot, something called saddle thrombosis (or saddle thrombus). It's a blood clot that starts in the heart due to underlying heart disease, and then travels to the arteries in the legs, blocking the arteries, and causing paralysis.

Since your vets don't know for sure what's going on, my suggestion would be to get a second opinion ASAP, preferably from a feline internal medicine specialist. Your cat obviously has a very serious condition whether it's due to a blood clot or some other cause, so the sooner it's determined what is wrong the sooner treatment can begin to help her.

All good thoughts and wishes going out to you and your baby.
Please let us know how she's doing.
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There are lots of things that can cause rear leg weakness/paralysis - infectious diseases (ie. FIP), toxoplasmosis, blood clots, diabetes, tail/spinal cord injuries, etc. When I was searching for Zoey's symptoms, I noticed that rear leg difficulties was among the most frequent in various conditions. It really depends on what other symptoms she has, what kind of diagnostics have been run (blood, urine, x-rays, ultrasounds, listening to the heart, checking the pulse in the legs), and how the symptoms progress.

When I initially took Zoey to the vet because her legs weren't working properly (she could walk very slowly and wobbly, but her legs were very floppy - she had the feel of a rubber chicken when you picked her up)...the vet tested her pulses and her pain response. Both were good, but her reflexes were off. This made the vet think it was neurological. She was tested for FIP and they suspected (actually still suspect) that that's what she had. However...we discovered later that she has a broken tail. Which can definitely cause rear leg difficulties as well. It's not clear cut.

I agree witht he above advice. If your vet is "stumped" and hasn't suggested running any further diagnostics, I would take her to another vet for a second opinion. Legs just don't stop working for no reason.

Hopefully this helps! for your kitty!
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Thanks for the advice.

Sadie was ill about a month ago with very similar symptons,but not so severe.
She had problems breathing,and could only walk a few steps then would just flop down.
She was tested for aids,leukimia,toxomoplosis.
These were all negative,but she had a slighty raised level that could be fip,but the vet said it was so slight that they would just keep an eye on it.

She also had bleeds in both eyes.

Luckily she pulled through,after and after a couple of weeks in the vets she came home.
She didnt like her legs being touched after that and their was a slight change in her personality.

They thought that all this was due to her inhaling a bathroom cleaner as it is the only thing we could pin point it too.
Altho she wasnt actually in the bathroom at the time just sat outside.

I spoke to the vets last night and he said she was no better.
She couldnt blink,or swallow,and her front legs kept going rigid.

He has spoke to several other vets about her and they all think she has fluid on the brain and brain damage.
She doesent even respond to anything.

He did say that if she hadnt improved by today it might be kinder to pts.
As this could be an reacurring problem.

I just dont want her to suffer,as she has been through so much,and altho its breaking my heart i have to do what is best for her
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Just to let you know sadie was pts this morning.
She did not respond to any treatment and unresponsive to everything.

The vet is convinced she had brain damage which could not be reversed.

r.i.p sadie. love you with all my heart
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i have just seen this thread, i'm so sorry to hear that you have lost sadie. please take comfort knowing you did all you could for her.

for you at this difficult time.

RIP little sadie, play happily with all your new friends.
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I'm really sorry to hear about Sadie.

We had a cat who apparently had a similar problem, and although we tried all kinds of things, the eventual result was the same.
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I've closed this thread and have posted one in the Crossing the Bridge to memorialize Sadie.
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