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Fat Kitten

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As most of you know, we have 3 cats, 2 are 10 months, 1 is 3 years. Well my problem is this... The two 10 month old kittens are overweight. One weighs 10 lbs and the other 15+. Can I switch them to a "diet" food now or do I have to wait another 2 months? They get 1/4 cup each of dry in the mornings and 1/4 cup in the evenings. They rarely get treats, maybe 1/3 can each of wet every 2 weeks, which Boo eats most of.(they generally turn their nose up at it anyway, and Boo eats it all... She can eat anything, and stubbornly refuses to gain weight!)
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Again I will say, do not change diets on your cats without first consulting your vet. There are some nasty problems that can result if you arbitrarily decide your cat needs to lose weight. If your vet concurs, then work with him or her to find out the best food to give your cat.
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I would ask your vet if I were you to see what to do. My vet had to put her 8 month old kitten on diet food because her 2 adult cats were becoming obese and they all ate together. She said it's ok. But I wouldn't do it without your vet's ok.
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Are they fat or just heavy? My 10 1/2 month old male weighs 11 pounds and he has no fat on him. My other male Peppurr weighs 15 pounds and he's a little chubby. Check to see if you can feel their ribs, is there a heavy fat covering them?

Your boys look like big cats! Cuties too!
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My vet and I both consider Snowball slightly overweight. Since his ribs can still be easily felt, neither one of us sees this as a cause for concern, and there are no plans to put him on a weight reducing diet. I agree with the others here, get your vet's opinion before making any dietary changes.
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