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Vibes for Persil

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Despite being pronounced healthy 10 days ago at her annual exam/ vaccination, I have been concerned about Persil the last few days. Her fur didn't lie properly, she seemed lethargic and then yesterday she wouldn't eat. This morning she only wanted to lie in the warm, and I had great difficulty in getting her out from behind my desk where she was tucked up under the radiator. So it was off to the vet, who confirmed that she had a fever and probably a UTI. So two antibiotic injections for her and a few scratches for me, and we are home with 8 days of medication. She slept for an hour and then got up and actually ate something, if not a full meal. Hopefully the problem will be resolved quickly and meanwhile we would appreciate your thoughts and vibes. Persil is such a special girl, and because of her medical history I am extra concerned about any infections that may increase her breathing or pulse rate, which are both higher than they should be right now.
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Awww hopefully once the meds kick in she will feel much better and eat more Feel better soon sweet girl
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Oh, poor Persil! Lots of "get better soon!" vibes for your sweetie!
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Feel better soon, Persil!
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Aww hope Persil is going to feel better soon Many healthy & feel better For her!
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Lots of feel better soon for sweet Persil.
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Get well soon Persil sweetheart
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Jenny, knowing my personal feelings for Persil, there is no need to ask any longer. Every vibe I can send, every thought and prayer that I can manage will be sent along to beautiful Persil. When I just saw this thread my heart charged up into my throat. Please, Persil, get better real soon.
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Poor Persil . I hope she feels better soon.
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Poor girl Many 'get well soon' vibes headed her way, and calming vibes for you too
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Sending lots of vibes for your sweet girl.
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Prayers for her.
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Sending many vibes for a speedy recovery.
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She is still sleeping most of the time, but she did eat again tonight, though not as much as I would like. She was tempted by her favourite food, cheese, but only ate a few crumbs, plus a little wet cat food. But the antibiotics are kicking in and she looks better than she did. Thank you all for the vibes.
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Meeko refused to eat when she had her Uri and high fever last Jan. I was going to take her back to the Vet but she started eating. She would just lay down and sleep all day. Your Cat should feel better soon.
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& headed across the ocean to Persil!
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Feel better quickly precious Persil.
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Just now seeing this & adding my for Persil.
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Nice strong healing vibes for pretty Persil! Good for meowmy for noticing something was awry and catching it so soon

Get well soon!
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Vibes and prayers for you and Persil
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Vibes and prayers your way Persil.
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Thanks all. She was much better last night - didn't eat during the day, but gradually became more active and scoffed a bowl of minced chicken at 7PM. This morning she was begging for breakfast and had a sachet of wet food. She is using her box (I have put her in my bathroom so I can monitor her away from the others). Her coat looks better too - she is regaining her sleek look. And her ears are cooler. So I think we caught it in time. I will keep her isolated for another 24 hours to be sure and then it is just a question of completing the course of tablets.
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Persil's improvement sounds very positive.

More healing vibes are on the way.
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Whew! So glad to hear she is doing better.. More for her!
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Sounds great, Jenny. So glad to hear your girl is on the mend.
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How is the little "parsley" girl today?
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I'm just catching up with this thread. Lots of for continued improvement.
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She is out of the bathroom and delighted to be back with the others. All seems well and she is hungry and peeing in the right places. I am managing to get her tablets down her without any problem and she is being very affectionate. So I think we can safely say that she is well on the road to full recovery.
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Jenny i'm just seeing this now I'm pleased she's feeling a lot better though, but heres some special healthy coming for good measure
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Glad to knw that she is feeling better. Its tough on us when they are ill and cannot fully communicate their feelings to us.
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