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EVERYONE LOOK want coments/ideas on feral sanctuary

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All 10 of mine were once wild ferals....I love cats...I want to use my gift to "tame" more to alteast give them a chance but I dont know how...even my pound said that it would kill alot less if they were tame...maybe people like me could volunteer or start some statewide tameing place were people bring cats they catch and want tame and then everyone gives donations for food and litter boxes (or better yet own land behind the building where the cats cant get out because it is fenced too high and stuff...then they wont need a litter box...One day I am going to do this if I can ever get the money...what do you think every one???? (I am 18 now) do eventually I'll have money I hope...
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I can't remember the name of the place but I think there is a place in PA that has barn cats. they rescure ferals and then will give them to people that are will to take them They have ferals that would just be barn cats because they are not social and ferals that they have tamed that can make house pets. Let me see if i can find the name....
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That't like what I was wanting to do...
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here is one place. if you do a search online there are alot of places that do that. mayne there is one close by you that you could voulenteer at.
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I like what they are doing, but I want to oneday expand that Idea..
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I kno a couple women around where I live that have old farmhouses that are no longer used for farming. They singlehandedly feed and care for TONS of ferals. Sometimes they are even able to socialize them enough to give them as pets..! It's such a sweet thing but takes so much work. In the past I gave four of my semi socialized ferals to one woman and she used to update us on them all the time, it's so awesome when someone has the resources available and the heart to do such a thing =)

A lot of kitties would be grateful to you if you started something like that =)
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Where in Kentucky do you live? I may have asked before but have forgotten.
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I really want to help them all...If I could I'd have thousands..no MILLIONS of cats I'd tame and give away...I have a gift, I want to use it....Oh and to the one who asked...I'm really paranoid about the web stuff, so I'd rather not say exactly what town and stuff I'm in, but I will say southern kentucky.
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Kentucky is a veeeeery long state....are you in the eastern or western half? The reason I am asking is because I am very active in animal welfare in Kentucky and I might know people who you could work with.
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What a great idea Renae!!!!
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western KY
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There are several really good Humane Societies in Western Kentucky who work very hard to improve the lives of animals. For example, ours is working to set up a TNR program for feral cats. If you would like to PM me with the county you live in, I might be able to hook you up with an active group. If Pming your location is still too uncomfortable, you might just check around with the various groups in your county to see what animal related activites are going on.
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What you mentioned sounds like what the local SPCA here in San Francisco is doing.

They have socialising classes for taming kitties, free spaying/neutering for feral kitties, etc., and i really must say the San Francisco SPCA is doing such a great, great job helping out!

Do you have an SPCA nearby?

i am feeding 7 feral kitties, and basically, they are pretty sweet. i even set up two beds under a shelter for them.

Thanks for taking care of the feral kitties! i thank you on their behalf!!:angel2:

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