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Remembering Them <3

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[size="3"]Up till I was 11, I was not allowed animals, and being a kid, the thing I couldn't have, I wanted the most. This is just a tribute to the amazing animals that have been in my life, since I was 12, we've lost many of cats, we help with a rescue group, and we got a lot of abandoned kittens. Some of them were just too weak.

Tigger- 2 years old, died on October 31st 2005, as well as his little friend, Lala, who was 12 weeks. It was Halloween, they found the opprotunity to get outside, and being cats, they found a way. I found them the next morning, victims of being beaten to death by kids, they were both grey tabbies, with black. There was two black cats found that same day. The only way I could recognize my darlings were by their tails, and distinctive markings. Hit me the hardest, he was my first cat, found him in an alley and took on a big responsibility, he was only 2 weeks. I was 14, everyone doubted me, but we made it through together <3

Tibby- Tibby and her sister were left on my doorstep, they were about 7 weeks old (this is not the first time someone has done this) Tibby was a little grey kitten, and her sister, Teenie is a Calico. I didn't think twice, i just brought them in. They were healthy, and got their first set of shots. We had them for 16 days, and the day after they got the shots, Tibby had a reaction to it. I was shocked to find her the next morning, "sleeping" with her sister. Soon after that, her sister developed a chest problem, it was 2006 and we made it through it. She needed a lot of love and care, I believe she was the runt, she was a lot smaller than Tibby. Teenie is now 2 1/2 years old, and is extremely happy. Gone so young <3.

Two of our foster kittens died suddenly while they were at their new home, in September or October of this year. They ruled it out as stomach problems. They were 10 weeks old, and were the sweetest kittens ever. I still remember you <3

Sheeba was a beautiful long haired golden kitten that came to me three years ago with her brother, Chi-Chi, her brother found a way out of the house, and ran away a month later. However, Sheeba stayed, and had the friendliest of ways. This past summer, she got pregnant, we ALMOST went and got her spayed, but felt as though we should wait until after, on August 2nd 2007, she gave birth to four beautiful female kittens, Penny, Maggie, Mims and Smokey. She was the best mom ever, and would stand her ground with everyone but me. She used to bring her kittens to me everyday and make me "baby sit" while she wandered around the house, and sometimes even outside. She was never shy, we took her babies out about a week after they opened their eyes, we thought she would act like she was "single", but nope, she fed them right on the lawn, people would walk by and pet them. On many occasions, she would try and take them inside of the dog house while she was outside, as even our female dog "mothered" them in a way. She was babysitter 2, second in command. Sheeba was a diva, she believed that she could walk across any street, and that cars would ALWAYS stop for her, as she did this many times, but she always found a way out. They did always stop, but than we moved. Her kittens went to new homes in early October, so she took the two youngest kittens here as her own, including Teenie, which she helped nurture her back to health after Teenies sister suddenly died. These were her "babies". Sheeba didnt come home on November 16th, and we were worried, it was already cold out, and there was one window that would stay open at night, but the bedroom door would always be cold. She got out. I found out on the 19th that she was picked up by the Humane Society, and they asked us to go identify her, the night before I suddenly cried for her, I missed her, it was strange because it was like I knew she died, because she was put down on the 18th because of injuries. I never knew until the next day. Teenie became depressed again, and I was burying my best friend, she was special, the only cat that would accept another easily, the one who would help any animal, if they would let her. She was the only cat that we had that we allowed to have kittens, it was an amazing experience to see this, my first batch of kittens! She brought so many joys, and she gave me the best 3 years, with her comforting purr, and always knew when I was crying, she would curl up by my face as she did when I first got her. My baby girl, where are you now? I love you so much, and I'll see you again. </3 Still hurts me to write about her.

Cow was a little female, about 8 months old when she died. She had feline distemper, as she was an outdoor cat at the home previously. I had her brother, and my cousin had her. She was abandoned, I had no choice but to go and get her, I felt I had to because I gave my cousin the opprotunity to have a kitten. I never kept her for too long, I believe she was lonely, the only person she trusted just left her, and she was not coming back. On December 6th 2007, she came down with something, she could not walk, and had a terrible odour coming from her ear. I believed it to be an ear infection, and made an emergency appointment for the next morning. She died that night. It was as though something had ripped through her body, preventing her from controlling her body. Her body would not listen to her, it was like her body died before she did. She made a few jerky movements, and her eyes went empty. I didn't have her for very long, but it was the first cat that I seen die right in front of me. I screamed and cried, I couldnt do anything for her, I was helpless. I wrapped her up, and arranged another burial for the next morning. Sweet girl, rest in peace <3.

Marvin was the best male cat I've ever had, he was cows sister, and he loved life. He came in contact with a bear when he was 6 months, they were filming on our street, the bear was tame, but it was pretty funny because my little brothers used to color his white spots different colors, that week he was red and black :P it was funny to see that it faded to pink, and he looked amusing. We were scared to death that bear was going to kill him, but he just waltzed up to it like "Whatchyu doing on mah street?", sniffed him for a minute, than walked back slowly as if to say "Told you he wouldnt do anything" My brother broke his arm in the summer, I gave marvin to him. That cat could be called from a mile away, and he would go running. He was with Jory through all his hard days, and purred beside him on the best of them. He adopted a son, Henry, who was left on our doorstep one night, none of the other cats liked him, so Marvin took him in, they would walk in the room beside eachother, looking like father and son. Henry was always with Marvin, and Marvin ALWAYS found a way to get into something, back away from the crime scene, and watch as Henry was scolded. It was like a game. He taught Henry to accept all who come here, because he would not tolerate fights. Marvin showed us so much, he was brave, happy, full of life. He would cry and cry by the door when my brothers went to school, and if he did get out, he would follow them, and than come home after he knew they got there safely. He would also be super sneaky and follow me to the store, jumping up on the ledge to watch me inside. He had a lot of friends, and while being supervised, he would make friends with the neighbours, on two different occasions we got anonymous cans of kitty food for the black and _____ whatever color he was. The distemper took him from us, and he fought and fought, he was on his third day in, when his body died, about half an hour after, his brain died as well. It was terrible to watch my little brother to say good-bye to his first cat, since he and Marvin promised eachother together till the end. Marvin was no longer there to come when he was called, it definetly broke my heart. I was so shocked, confused, hurt. It seemed as though he waited for my brother to leave for the bathroom or something, he left to shower, two minutes later he got up quickly, looked at me and Henry, went back on his side, made this terrifying cry, and his eyes went empty. I sat there for about half an hour and just pet him, I couldn't believe it. My brother cried and cried, watching videos of the little kitten that was perfect, playing, being goofy, his first bath. I cried for nights and nights. We left Marvin wrapped up so we could deliver the news. We were gone for about 10 minutes, when we went back, Henry was curled up beside his lifeless body, as if to say "Yay, nap time" I don't think he understood, that Marvin was not coming back. We found him by the back door later on, because we had to put his body in the garage for the night. Henry laid in bed with me, we were depressed together, we never got up for about a week and a half. I can't imagine how lonely he must have been. It was amazing that Henry did not get sick, maybe Marvin was watching over him. Worst experience, he was loved by all.

Mims was one of Sheebas kittens, her and Maggie came to my house for the holidays while their family was in Winnipeg. We did not have a clue what was killing our cats, and it wasn't until later that we found the culprit. Mims was 5 months old, full of life and love. It amazes me how much they were like their mother, her sister Maggie is being a surrogate mother to these two little souls here, helping them pull through. The day after Christmas we noticed that Mims would not eat, and she would not drink. She stayed by the vent, we thought maybe she was just lonely for her other family, but that night she went missing. We have not found her, but continue to look. She is presumed dead. Shes with her loving mother now <3. Broke my heart, I watched them grow up, I was their second momma . but its not going to sink in until I find her, until than, I have a little hope

Sage came from a rescue group last November, she was in an abusive home, where she was beaten, she was deathly afraid of people, I brought her home, I needed a comfort cat, since Sheeba died days before. She was there for me, she trusted me, which was surprising, she didn't trust anyone else. It took her until February to stop hiding, she was a beautiful cat. Siamese/tabby cross. She began to grow a belly, and we didn't know why until we thought back, we fostered a un-neutered male in January but only for 3 days. It must have happened than. We watched her grow, she would watch me bead at night, be there when I was lonely, put me to sleep when I couldn't do it myself. Her tummy was growing, we made the conclusion that she would be due on February 28-Early March. When February came about, I fed her special food, pet her at nights and so on. It was special, she was like my trophy because she had trust in the one thing that broke her before- people. We believe she got distemper because she was pregnant, on February 17th I woke up to find her laying by the vent, her eyes were open, she was breathing, but she just layed there. At 2:30 am I called my vet, he said he'd be here at around 7 am, before he went to his practice. He thought it was a pregnancy complication, and said to give her lots of liquids. I was up with her all night, holding her to my chest, listening to her stomach, which was a routine for me, I was excited for the babies. Tragically, she took her last breath that morning at 6:15 am, I was the only one up. I wrapped her up as though she was a fragile baby, and held her as close as I could. I believe her stomach was moving, as though her babies were dying inside of her as well. I couldn't do anything, I was shocked. Watching that cat die of the same thing that took my other ones, I pushed myself to get in extra hours, we got Sage looked at to see what killed her, and it was distemper, I had thought about that, but the vet insisted that it was just a cold. After that was done, I called the group, and informed them of this disease, Sage was not able to get her shots, she was pregnant. I still remember her and I wish that she would sit where she always would, and when she would hear my voice she would have the meow of a week old kitten, looking for attention. A beautiful little cat, one who is always with me. She had 5 babies i her stomach, all of them were white (they were checking to see if there was some kind of tumor.) I miss you, my Sage-EE-Pooh :P she loved that.

Now I know all of us have experienced loss, but its been the hardest time these past few months. Some people have the worst of attitudes, and still get the best of karma. I try, hard, to keep going. I know there is going to be more cats in the future that will need my help. I think I will just stick with the 3 I got here for the next year and a half. But this put a big toll on me, losing a companion is like losing a child, maybe worse. I don't have any kids, I'm in school, I'm 17 in grade 12, and I work to keep my animals healthy, just at times I felt like giving up on them, but than I would snap out of it. They are there when I need them, I will be there for them as long as they need me, which I hope is forever. I know this is a long one, but I just want to write a tribute to them, my amazing little cats, there isn't a million words out there to explain this rollercoaster of a time. My little darlings, I tried.

Love you always,
Your Mommy <3[

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You have struggling through some very hard times, losing cats to a preventable disease. Here in the US, in many areas, these vaccines against them are inexpensive and readily available. but without them, the suffering is terrible - that is how it was when I was your age. fortunately, small animal practice became important here in the 1970s and it's much easier to do rescues with all the modern veterinary advances.
Please don't become too discouraged - I will send prayers and vibes for comfort and courage for you
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For all those angels that you lost

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take comfort in knowing nothing can hurt your babies ever again. they are happy, healthy and safe from harm.

RIP little ones.
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Since than the exposure of distemper got to a little female kitten outside, we fed her and watered her, someone just dumped her and her sister on our doorstep, everyone knew we were the cat people on the block. We fed and watered them for a day, and than transfered them to the rescue group, sadly, one of the sisters died, it was believed to be a tummy problem.
The other sister is 18 weeks old, and has her shots, shes coming home next month.

Another stray cat was found dead outside, he hung around my house a lot with some other tom cats, we are not sure what happened, we think the distemper originated from outside on my block.
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Play happily over RB, lost kitties. I know how discouraged you must feel; condolences on your losses.
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