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How about a nice set of eagles??

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Ooo, more great photos!! Eagles are so majestic You capture them perfectly...
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Those are absolutely amazing!!!

Where was that?!?!

I would die to find those two in my back yard. Or even close enough where I could go and gaze at them for as long as they'd let me.

Fabulous pics.
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at our local zoo..I got lots of animals that day...
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Wow, absolutely gorgeous!!
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Amazing photos!!!
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Cool pics
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Can't let DH see these - he's Eagle crazy

But the first one is not a bald eagle or its a cross - eagles don't have white on their wings.
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Stunning!! Absolutely stunning.
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the first one is a "stellar sea eagle" ...'s_Sea_Eagle

there's a link for you
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They are such amazing creatures
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Thanks - I knew it was not a Bald Eagle Ok I'll let DH see the pics now
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