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Daily Thread TGIF March 28th!

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Moooooooooorning peeps!

Its another balmy day at -2 degrees I don't much care though ..Today is FRIDAY!!

Welp, its almost official..I think Josh bought his ticket last night to come see me next weekend. He will be staying with me So intense. I am going to be cleaning for a week straight!

No big plans for the weekend..going to watch a movie and go out for dessert with a girlfriend tomorrow. Tonight I am off to Chapters for a new book and Petsmart for some Trout food.

Have a great day and a lovely weekend folks!
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Today I will sleep mostly for work tonight....Of course is going to be a beautiful day at 55ºF...Hope everyone has a great day
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Today I go to the doctor's office to review the MRI's of my foot and discuss options on treatment for my Achilles Tendon (it has been bothering me since last August). Then, a nice long day at work. TGIF!!!!!!!
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Ooo! How exciting Nat! I would be going nuts too! I think you should train Trout to greet Josh when he gets here.

Whelp, I didn't do a thing of chores last night. Maybe tonight I'll do them. We really need them done.

Today B is off to some VA networking thing. He's not even sure if its worth going...I told him to go anyway and get out of the house.

Me, myself and I will probably hit the gym tonight come home, clean, and go to sleep.
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I am working 8:45-3 today. Tonight I am going grocery shopping. Thats about it for me. This weekend will be just work. I am sooooo sick of working so much.
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Morning!!!! I'm ready for the weekend Nothing planned much for this weekend, but i'm doing some retail therapy tomorrow
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Morning All!!

Sunny here this morning but a bit on the chilly side...

Just waiting for my petstore delivery and then off to work. Still playing catch-up, I swear my paperwork is reproducing itself when I'm not looking, I'll take something off the pile and there will be two more there when I come back

Pay day today so guess I will pay a couple of bills and do some grocery shopping after work.

Kitties are good today, all three are sunbathing on the living room floor.

Everyone have a good day
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Morning cats.

I'm going to have lots of fun today. After school, me and a bunch of my friends are going paint balling. Then after that, I'm off to a party.

It could be a little cold for paint balling but it won't be that bad. It's supposed to get to +3*C (36.4*F) today. Just warm enough to make the field muddy.

Anyways, I hope you all have a great day.
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Well its going to be a sunny day today with a high of 39F-perhaps I'll be able to chip some ice away from the back of my garden shed.

I am such a dork sometimes. I thought my hosta society meeting was at 7 pm so I arrived around 6:10 to help set up-guess what the meeting started at 6 pm. And I'm the secretary of the group-yikes!! Nothing like walking into a meeting space with over 50 people.

But I did sell one of my scarves-well I have to knit one first-good thing its the yarn that I just got on ebay!!

Ox's ear-well he scratched the icky part last night but this morning I cleaned it up and put ointment on the spot -he isn't protesting as much as he had so it must be getting better!!

But part of Neil's lip and chin are still numb-he has an appt on Monday afternoon to check in case its still numb yet-he said he had some tingling in his lip though.

Mom/Dad are coming tomorrow am for Neil to do their taxes. I got some items to pick up in another town from freecycle so Dad can come with and then help me prune the fruit trees.

So I better tidy the house today!!

Have a good one
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Ack, I'm so excited today I can hardly sit still at work because......

.....I'm picking up our kitten this evening It's 2:20pm here, weather is perfect, nice and sunny and not warm but not baltic either. At 4pm I'll leave the office and drive straight to the breeder'd house to pick up Champagne!!! Woohoo! It's about 1.5 - 2 hours drive, so will probably be back home around 8pm to an impatient husband and 3 kids waiting to welcome him home.

Then of course we have a lovely quiet weekend planned helping Champagne to settle into his new home......
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hello all. nothing planned for me today hehe! hope you all have a great day!
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Today is girlie doctor day such fun. It's absolutely beautiful here. I just love spring windows open fans going. Work will be interesting. We can't have our kids where we normally have them so the school told us to use the main hallway as well as the computer lab. This should be interesting with 50 something kids and with 3 teachers out sick. But it's friday and I just have to keep telling myself that.
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