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Never forgotten

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During this past summer we moved into a new home, our grand total of cats was 10, 4 of which were kittens that were waiting for a new home. The two left, and the other two were going to be gone soon, so I was kind of upset. Two young girls walked by when we were outside, and asked where we got our kittens from, and how many did our cat have. She had 4, she advised me not to go in the next alley, as it was not for the faint of heart. Of course, I was extremely curious, and left to check it out. Nothing could have prepared me for that moment, in one of the dumpsters layed 7 kittens, all of which were malnourished, dehydrated, dirty and no longer alive. Three were calico, two little orange tabbies, one black and orange, and the other was white with a small orange spot on her head. I came home, prepared a box, got some gloves and went to give them a proper burial. All of them were stiff, except for two, one of which just died, and the other barely breathing. She didn't last the half block walk to my house. It was one thing I will never forget, I don't know who would do such a thing, as these babies were only about 6 weeks old, from what I know, they were out in that dump since the night before, it was chilly out, even for me. The next day was extremely hot, and even an adult cat would probably get dehydrated without water. Although no one ever heard about this, I still go to their grave, the little ones who never had a chance. Upon closer examination at home, they were tortured. Singed whiskers, as well as the end of their tales, the only male in the bunch had a stick up his behind, one of the calico kittens had a bald spot, and smelled of fire. I can't imagine what they went through, there are some cruel and heartless people out there. All of them smelled kind of weird, like a forest scent or something, two of them had dried blood around their eyes. I never seen them alive, but seeing them like that made me want to kill whoever did it, those things were helpless, innocent. I cried for days upon days, thinking that I should have went for a walk the night before, maybe I could have saved them. Just the look in those kittens empty eyes is a picture I will never forget, I still tear up when I think about them, but this is to the little ones. The ones who had no chance, the ones who were taken much too early, the ones whose only freedom was death, the ones who never got to experience the love, never got to experience exciting holidays, a life lost young, is no life at all. Now little precious kittens, make your way home, you will never be forgotten, and that crime is not the first like this. So many animals have to suffer, its sad no one really cares until seeing it first hand. Someday I will meet you, and show you what a "play time" is. Until than, watch over the others, as they would do for you. Your out of pain now, and tomorrow, as today, nothing will be done for some like you, as thousands have tried, if we all worked together, we'll keep the animals alive. Until that time, you beautiful little babies, will be remembered by all who read this.

There was no further investigation done about this, the police don't really care, the Humane Society tried a bit, but nothing was done. There was nothing really to investigate, it was just another kitten dump. There has been two incidents since than, with someone putting out poison, killing 3 strays, and there was 2 kittens and one adult (believed to be the mother) that were found in a park nearby, the mother was hanging from the tree. The kittens weren't that far away, it looked as though someone hit them so much, their skulls collapsed. It was said that one of the kittens was faintly breathing, but she was euthanised due to the damage. Since than, we've caught as much strays as possible, and they are in new homes with families. Until I find out who did this, I'm not going to stop.

RIP You Lost Souls.
Never Forgotten.
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What a terrible tragedy.
Your words have spoken for those poor innocent kitties.

Rest in peace little angels.
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The poor babies. They'll be playing happily at rainbow bridge

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By the way, the suspects for the animal abuse is three boys that are under the age of twelve, there will be no justice for the cats. Apparently they were "not sure of their actions" I say it doesn't matter, that behaviour is never tolerated. I just know there are suspects, I don't know the boys, but I know they are going to get it back HARD. You can't do that to gods children, ever.
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RIP sweet little babies. Play safe and happy of the bridge. Look for a grumpy old girl named Smokey & Tell her I said she has to be nice to you.

This is where the law make me angry. Unless these boys are cognitivly disabled the know what they are doing. They are past the age of reason and understand their ability to inflict pain on another creature. The thing that should scare people in the community the most is the fact that it has been proven that serial killers often begin by torturing animals. There is also a big link between domestic violence and animal abuse. OK, I have to stop or I'll just get more angry. I just know that there are direct links between cruelty to animals and cruelty to people.
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Those poor sweet babies

May they rest in peace now and free of pain
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Those kids should be in Juvi. So sorry about those Kittens.
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There has been no further investigation.
This isn't the best neighborhood, pretty much the "hood"
Which the Macleans magazine said this was the worst neighborhood in the country, North Central Regina, Saskatchewan.
There is no justice for them, although if I find out those boy's names, I will watch them like a hawk. There is also a lot of problems of animal abuse on seems like all the cats that have black on them go missing, including my kitty, Matilda, who was taken from our window, that was only open an inch. She was never found, but 3 other cats from the neighborhood never came home.

Rest In Peace Babies,
They will pay.
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Im so sorry to read about this. Those poor inoccent little babies. Never had a chance! They have a chance now over the rainbow bridge... Play happily sweet little ones, you were not shown love, but you are loved by all who read about you.
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Has anyone else witnessed anything like this?
It pains me so much, there has been so many lost souls to abuse.

I still cant imagine what they went through...
The little ones are buried beside my cat, Sheeba, in a special place.
She had only one litter, 4 girls, 3 are still alive.
I know my girl is taking care of them, she accepted all young ones.
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