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strange coincidence....

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i'm originally from germany. 25 years ago, on march 23rd, '83, i got a phonecall from my sister in iowa that our dad had gotten killed in a car accident. he was called in on his day off to work an extra shift. one of those freak ones if he hadn't worn his seatbelt he'd be alive. my youngest sisters 16th birthday was the next day.
last saturday night the 22nd of march at 10 pm my sister from iowa called me again and told me my mom's brother-in-law, uncle ralph, had passed away in his sleep at 2 am on march 23rd. germany is 9 hours ahead of california time. on both days even the weather was the same, cold, dreary with some snow on the ground.
every year i dread march. every time somebody in the family passes away it is in march. with my grandparents and some other relatives it was march too.
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Awwww weird coincidence for sure, so sorry for your losses
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First of all, I'm sorry for your losses. But sometimes it just happenes that way. A lady I used to work for lost her husband in a plane crash in December. A few years later, her son killed himself in December...and a couple of years after that, the dog that this lady had owned for many years died in December.
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