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BooBoo has another UTI

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Its frustrating somedays!! BooBoo peed all over my laundry to tell me he has a UTI. Im glad that he give me the warning and stuff but I had to scrub my bathroom from top to bottom and wash a ton of laundry!

So I still had some of his last medicine for it, but I have to call the vet in the morning to get some more because I only had enough for tonight! he handles things well of course!

The last time he had a UTI he peed on my purse, the time before that it was my diaper bag, and this time it was my sweat pants! He's never been wrong though, when he does something like that its a definate warning to get him to the vet and get him checked out and get meds! Its getting to be that they dont even want me to bring him in anymore because he always gives a warning and he is never been wrong yet! So I dont know if they will want to see him or not! I hope they do, I like to have him checked thouroughly! I understand why they dont though! When a kitty has the same issue over and over again and tells you every time I guess theres no sence, but since he's 7 now I like him to get checked! This is his first UTI since I switched to Nutro, but I had a little slip last week, and was running low on cash and he got fed Friskies soft food for a few days along with his nutro kibble!! I knew better too!! Leave it to me to do something stupid when I know what happens everytime! Well Im going to see If I can't get him to the vet tomarrow, just to be on the safe side! Ill keep you all posted!
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What Med will he get? I hope he feels better.
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Normally he gets some kind of amox but it never is the same generic! This time its Amoxitabs! Which normally clears it up... I think that he will probably get the same thing tomarrow... not sure though! Hes been gimping on his bad paw alot too and Im nervous about that because they have talked about cutting it off before! Not until it gets unbearable for him though! It got broke when he was a kitten and didn't get taken care of properly so now he walks like a bulldog on the one side! He has bad arthritis in it too so they've talked about amputating since he doesn't do replacement surgery on cats! They said they might be able to go in there and rebreak the bone and scrape the excess stuff off but they dont know if it would work!

Im just always nervous everytime a UTI comes around! I lost Tissy (his bro) to it because I was in the hospital with my son! So it always worrys me! Im like crazy, the second he tells me theres something wrong! I call the vet, freak out, they calm me down and say it was just a bad vet and they wont let that happen there and to give him whatever they give me and he always gets better! I still always spaz out though!!
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I hope he feels better. Coco gets them too. My Vet always gives Clavamox or Cephalexin when my Cats are Sick. Coco is on Cephalexin again. Clavamox makes her Sick. How many Uti's has he had? I hope his Paw will be ok. Coco had a bad Asthma Attack and a Cold again but is alot better now.
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My Froggie is just starting his third week on Clavamox for his UTI.

What kind of Nutro are you feeding BooBoo? I am feeding Froggie Science Diet CD and Solid Gold Katz n Flocken. He seems to do best on the CD but that is up there in price and has some by-products.
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BooBoo eats Nutro Natural care for Kitten which I had checked to make sure is UTI safe and have never had a problem! It was just that instead of feeding the nutro soft food I fed him friskies soft food for a few days! I know better too! It never fails! So he's on meds once again, but he seems to be feeling better! Which is good!

I havn't really decided what to do with the paw thing! He walks like a bulldog on the one side, with his elbow pointed away from his body!
He has options for it. When he got it first checked out it had been along time since it had been broken and it was too late to set it, but they did say that they could go in and rebreak it and then set it but they didn't think that would do much good because of the fact he already has arthritis in it. So then they said that they might be able to go in and just scrape off some of the extra build up in there and see if that helps but they didn't think it would keep it from returning. Theres always the pain meds, but he HATES them! He gets one and he sleeps forever and then he feels icky, and since he doesn't like them I dont really want to do that. My last option for him is to have it removed. His other leg has already started to go to the middle to compensate for the other one so that would probably be a good choice but right now if the weather is good and isn't changing constantly he walks on it normally! Its just when weather is changing or it gets real cold that it bothers him, he still jumps 7 feet in the air and everything on his good days! He could make higher than that in his prime but he is getting a little bit older! I think I will wait with the paw until it is absolutly necessary to do it though.
I feel terrible because I know the paw thing is all my fault. I was going to the bathroom some 7 years ago and accidently slammed his paw in the door. My DH, Jake told me it was fine since he was walking on it, and said he was only limping when I was around and that he was trying to make me feel bad so I didn't take him to the vet for it. It didn't start to bow out for a few years after that and then it took quite some time to get to the place where it is now! He is on meds for his arthritis, but he doesn't get them as often as he should because they have to be broke up into food and you cant put them in one cats food without putting them in all the cats food! So its tricky!
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Healing Vibes for BooBoo!
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Get well soon
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Aww thanks everyone! I just hate it when he doesn't feel well! He's my first born son ya know. I had him years before I started having children! He's so good with them too! He would never hurt them, I have seen the kids bounce on him and he would never raise a paw to them! I have to pull my kids off just to make sure the sweet little guy doesn't get hurt!
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