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Discovering ice

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Now that the weather in the tropics has begun to get really hot (30C+), I've been putting ice cubes in their water bowls. Ni has discovered that they are absolutely fascinating and that they tickle his paws and nose. One setback though, Ni will not drink until the ice has melted.
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Same here...I put a huge block of ice in Buster's bowl during one particularly hot summer. He refused to drink it until it melted. This is the same cat who drinks out of the toilet bowl and water pail that has been sitting with stale water.
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I gave Linus a snowball in a dish, he licked it a few times.
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Gracie, Annabelle and Elliott love ice cubes in their water bowls.
In fact the colder the water, the better they like it.
Our RB girl Lizzie used to fish them out of the water and munch on them.
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My cats like to kick them around the kitchen
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Originally Posted by Bella713 View Post
My cats like to kick them around the kitchen
So do mine! If I drop one, they'll bat it around for a while and then look confused when it melts. "Hey, where did it go, Meowmy?"
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When I put ice in the water bowl Skye takes it as a sign to play with her water bowl even more. She just has to figure out where this mysterious cold thing came from. Usually it ends up with the bowl tipped over.
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I've put ice in Popsie's water before and he just stares at it. Though my mom and dads freezer have an ice maker and when Popsie and I lived there he would run out into the kitchen on occasion when someone was putting ice in thier glass with the lever thing. Then he would sit and stare at the freezer door for five minutes.
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Yep. Come summer, I will put ice cubes in the water dish, and Fawn will bat the surface to make that hard thing jump. Needless to say the water will also jump -- onto the floor.
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