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We got Rear Ended

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We went to Sacramento today. We were going Home and a Brand New Vw Hit us. The Car only has papper plates on it. My Neck hurts and Back. so does my Sister and her friends. Should we go to Chrio.
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Did the person have insurance? If so their company should foot the required dr visits.
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So sorry to hear about that happening to you! That happend to us before when we were at a red light. Did anything happen to the car? I remember my back was sore, but only for a little bit. How long ago did it happen?
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Our Truck got a Dent but it isnt bad. We tried to Call the insurance company but they are closed. It happened around 5:30. My Husband has the Cancer Dr tomorrow at 3Pm. It was a Brand new Vw that hit us with paper plates. My Neck Hurts and the top part of my back. If we need to see a Dr the Chp said his insurance has to pay. My Husband isnt sore at all.
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Please go to a doctor and get x-rays and/or more imaging if necessary. You do not know what condition your back was in before the accident and it could have greatly aggravated something causing serious injury. A chiro "adjusting" your back could have serious consequences. If it's just muscle injury it will have to heal itself.
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I agree... see a doctor first... as soon as possible. The chiro can mess things up worse... get it looked at by an MD first.

You said nothing about getting the other drivers' info. Did you guys stop and exchange info? The plates are one thing, but insurance info and all that is the key.

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I would go to a physician first, before simply hitting a need to find out if there is more than just minor muscle damage\\displaced joints. You probably will be sore for a few days, but I would seriously go to a doctor first...get x-rays if necessary, and then visit a Chiropractor if warrented.

Did you get the other driver's information? This is something that should ALWAYS be done, because if he was at fault, then he needs to cover your medical\\vehicle expenses. Course, if he 'just' bought the car, the dealer would be covering this accident (the new owner would have 10 days to get it properly insured), but it is still very important that YOU have his information, so he can't just go to the dealer and get HIS end need to be covered as well.
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We did get all the info. I will tell the Dr tomorrow. The Cop said he will have to pay any Dr Bills.
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Good luck at the doctor. Hopefully it's just some minor whiplash.

Is your sister and her friends going to go a doctor as well? It would be best to encourage them to.
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My Sisters friend plans on going to the Dr. My Sister has no insurance so I do not where she can go.
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I was rear ended at a stop light several years ago. I had physical therapy over 6 weeks (3xweek) plus a small monetary settlement. I had whiplash pain level 7 or 8.
I agree to go to doc first for xrays -I did not have to pay for anything-the other person did.
Everyone should be checked out-again no insurance shouldn't be a reason as the other person is liable for the expenses incurred.
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I had no insurance for years, and I just picked a doctor... it doesn't matter. Tell them what happened... and that she has no Ins. she may still have to pay up front, and would get reimbursed... some offices will just bill. If she already has a doctor, all the better... she's established at an office... which means hey may be more likely to work with her on billing issues.

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My Husband has the Dr today at 3 for his Leukemia. We will tell her what happened. His back hurts a little today.
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