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i LOVE this site !! =^__________^=

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i really need to thank Mary Anne from Meowhoo who referred me to this site!

i feel this it is great! Reasons given as follow:

~ Organized - the top tabs lead you to wherever you wish to go

~ Helpful - the forum pages, especially. It is great reading what others have to say

~ Interesting - it is really cool that one can add smilies, cat paws, expressions, etc.

i am sure i have missed out tons of other reasons i can't think of right at this moment! Smiles!
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Isn't this a great place? Soon you'll be hopelessly addicted like the rest of us..if not already!
Thank you everyone for making this site such a wonderful place!
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Glad I could refer you poo choo. I sent your photos on to Anne for the Caption This....
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Thanks, Mary Anne!!! Big Smiles~~!!

i went to your website, and saw beautiful wooded craft works!!

i love stuff that are handmade.

i crocheted a blankie for Daisy for Christmas, and a round blankie for Venus as a welcome gift.

Also, i used to press flowers, make rugs, did macrame and needle work, etc. So, i really appreciate what people can create out of their own hands, for example, the craft works on your web page!! i think hand made stuff are truly priceless~!!!!!

i hope everyone will go there to have a look! Enjoy!!

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i am very new here, and already absorbed quite afew things.

i am so happy to have discovered this website... for those who are new like me, please read the past forum pages and the articles found here.. they are really invaluable and are packed with info!!

Just wanna express my heartfelt thanks to:

- Jenn (Jgaruba) for her patience and kindness. She helped me to get my kitty picture up (signature.) i fiddled with it a lot and failed each time, as i am not computer-savy. Thanks, Jenn!! You are great!

- Daniela (dtolle) for your kind reminder that i might be lacking in calories intake. You are absolutely right!! i have been taking care of everyone but me. i kinda neglect myself, and thanks to you, i am eating right again. (i started eating healthier breakfasts.)

- AngelzOO (Top Cat) for your tips/advice on Solid Gold cat food. i will shop for a pack of that for my kitties to try. My kitties thank you as well!

- Mary Anne (from Meowhoo.com) for introducing me to this site.... thanks! i really enjoy reading the forums (and past forums) and am learning a lot of new things about kitty care.

Also, i think this website is fun! i have so much fun putting the avatars on!

i am glad it helped improve my family's lifestyle!

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You're very welcome pohchoowan... it wasn't a problem at all. Heidi (valanhb) let me know where the issue we were having was, so thank you Heidi!

Everyone is just so darn friendly here. :tounge2:
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Just wanted to say I'm so glad you like it here! Its addicting, isn't it?????

:rainbow: :rainbow:
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Glad you are eating better!!!!!!! Nothing like being told to eat MORE!!! HAHA! :flash: Its great having you here!!!!!!
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Thanks, Daniela... yeah, u are right about addicting:eye&mouth: .. hehe...

Hehe.. oh yes, i feel good that i am taking care of myself better..

Cheers to you, Daniela!

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I agree.. It is a very helpful for me too. I know that I don't know everything about cats needs. I am so glad to have this site so i can help my furry boys to have a better lives because of this site. Thank you..
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Glad to hear other people feel the same way I do. I know my husband thinks I am nuts. :tounge2:
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